10 Ways To Spruce Up Events With Custom Pins

10 Ways To Spruce Up Events With Custom Pins

Life events come and go during our lives, and memories last and fade. But sometimes, there are just some moments that are too precious to let pass. Sure, there are good old-fashioned ways to keep memories alive like photos and postcards, but there’s one unique alternative that hasn’t really been tapped into yet. This fresh new take is custom pins.

Custom pins are a cool way to keep lasting memories, but they also have so much more functions to offer. From vacation mementos to dinner party placeholders, we enumerate the different ways pins can make your life events a little brighter. Read on, get creative, and hopefully incorporate more pins into your life!

1. Party Favours

Party Favours

A great way to commemorate an awesome party is through something the partygoer can hold onto for life. Sure, photos online are great and little trinkets can be a charming idea, but a custom pin can really make a difference! Imagine reaching into a goodie bag at the end of a party and finding not only candy, but a cool custom pin? It’s not just a simple card that could go missing after a day—a custom lapel pin can be a quirky party favour that will help make your party one to remember!

There are many ways to customize your pins to suit the motif of your party. One way to make your custom lapel pin fit your theme is to select a fun motto for it. Hey, if you’re feeling extra festive, feel free to choose a photo that captures what your party’s about!


2. Wedding Souvenirs

Wedding SouvenirsA wedding is a beautiful day for everyone involved, and it deserves something as lovely to remind everyone of it. Forego the run-of-the-mill figurines for souvenirs—go modern with a chic custom pin. Custom pins can come in so many shapes and sizes nowadays, and with the right design, an enamel pin (along with a lovely set of flowers) could become a lifetime gift that can bring so many good memories.

If it feels a little too kitschy for your wedding, but you still want to utilize pins, don’t fret! You can also use custom pins for your engagement party. An elegant font or a simple chalkboard design that saves the date can be a cute little reminder of your wedding day. It’s a great alternative to “Save The Date” invites!


3. Travel Take-Aways

Travel Take-AwaysTravelling to a new place and seeing new sights is always a thing to be celebrated. Soaking up new cultures, trying new food, and meeting new people… surely, lots of good memories and photos will come from it! And what’s a better way to keep the memory of travel fresh than through a cool custom pin? Take a photo of the scenery or you with your travel buddies and have it printed onto a button pin. We guarantee your friends will find it a more unique travel take-away than the usual t-shirt/fridge magnet combo.

A custom pin also makes for a great accessory. You can pin it on your backpack or a canvas tote, and show the world the places you’ve been! People say that a well-travelled person is a person with great character, so show yours off with custom pins.


4. Event Tags

Event TagsFor events like workshops or forums, custom lapel pins make great tags! They’re good for letting guests know who’s who—an organizer, a speaker, a guest, or a facilitator. Plus, it’s a good souvenir for event goers to take home. You get to hit two birds with one stone if you go with this creative idea!

Sure, events like workshops and forums tend to be a little more stiff than others, but utilizing custom lapel pins can give it a bit more of a spark of creativity! There will always be wiggle room to make even the most strict events memorable, and pins can also serve as a commemorative gesture to do so.


5. Campaign Materials

Campaign MaterialsRunning for a seat in your local government? Custom lapel pins are great little campaign materials to hand out! It’s an easy way to make people remember who you are and what you stand for. With a classy pin design and a catchy tagline, campaigning will surely be more of a breeze.

Campaigning is never easy, but custom lapel pins are a clever way to ensure that people keep your campaign materials. Instead of using lots of posters, banners, and flyers, utilize materials that are meant to last. It’s also a great way to lessen one’s carbon footprint—a good thing to add to your campaign during the season!


6. Birthday Gag Gifts

Birthday Gag GiftsEverybody loves getting a good laugh out of gifts, especially on birthdays. Get the chance to pleasantly surprise the birthday celebrant with a jolly old time by making them a bunch of pins! You could take a goofy snap of them, or a funny meme you’re sure they’ll enjoy and have some pins customized with them. It’s sure to turn into a cute little inside joke, and will surely make your gift more personal.

For more impact, you could also gift the celebrant a tote bag with the custom enamel pins attached. On one hand, they get two gifts in one go—one functional, and one funny. On the other hand, they’ll also remember the kind and thoughtful gesture for years to come. Again, two birds with one stone!


7. Everyday Mementos

Everyday MementosWe all have those special days in between holidays and birthdays that simply make for lovely memories. Whether it was a day that stood out because of the weather, the events that took place or the people you were with, some days are just too good to let pass by. Immortalize those days by making custom enamel pins that remind you of them.

Had a good time running with friends in the rain? Have the pin made with a picture of serene rainfall. What about a sweet day with your loved one enjoying ice cream? A day spent playing with your pet? Easy! Pins are an affordable, versatile way to make memories last.


8. Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas Gift TagsRun out of Christmas gift tags for the family? No problem! Pins are a cool new spin on the tag dilemma. They’re also reusable, especially for labeling kids’ bags when school season rolls back in. Keep your gifts organized and pull double-duty, to save time and effort during the most hectic time of the year.

Custom pins can also serve as name tags for Secret Santa events! Handwriting can be a very telling factor, and you might end up spoiling who’s got a gift for whom. Stay on the safe side and have some pins custom-made to avoid spoilers for the holidays.


9. Dinner Party Placeholders

Dinner Party PlaceholdersHolding a dinner party can be stressful, but the results are always talks of good food, good company, and good memories. One way to minimize stress is customizing pins for fancy placeholders. Use an elegant font and a different shape, and voila! You’re all set. It’s also a good memento for your guests to take home.

Placeholders are a staple at fancier dinner parties, so feel free to work your pins around the theme and motifs of your own gathering. If you’re going for a more casual vibe, you could go for a simple, seemingly-handwritten typeface for the pins. Going for something a little more formal? Try your hand at using small or rectangular pins with a cursive font.


10. Vacation Reminder

Aren’t you tired of getting just a regular keychain after a fun-filled vacation? Is your closet filled with “I Heart” vacation statement shirts? Then getting a custom pin from your holiday is your solution! It’s a fun way to commit your holidays to memory while avoiding expense. It’s also a good option if you’re one of those pin aficionados who are into displaying their wares on bags and jackets!

A reminder from a vacation to the beach or a challenging mountain trail is also a fabulous gift to friends who couldn’t come along. Bring them a piece of different places and give them the pins as a promise to take them on vacation the next time. Share the gift of a wonderful time with custom pins!

At Imprint.com, we make sure that your memorable moments are cherished and brought to life by skillful, loving hands. Check out our assortment of button pin shapes and ideas, all for super affordable prices. Not only do we have custom pins—we also have apparel, bags, lanyards, and so much more. Let your imagination run wild with Imprint.com!

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