12 Things to Repurpose Your Old Mouse Pads

Among the clutters often seen in stockrooms and garbages are used computers and its corresponding accessories. People tend to neglect the idea of recycling these materials due to the fact that new replacements are always on hand.

However, reusing such items can provide a great deal of freeing up extra space when necessary. More importantly, salvaging will allow individuals a considerable sum of savings on their household or office budgets. With this in mind, something can actually be done in terms of converting those old mouse pads into useful resources.


1. Desk cover

Mousepad as Desk CoverUsually, people use plain plastic book sheets in keeping tables clean and presentable. In order to add more creativity to those desks, old mouse pads are suitable alternatives. Whether the accessory looks blatant or animated, the idea of putting something odd or unique will definitely stand out.

Setting those pads side by side will not only add color to a dull desk. It also makes the tidying process quite straightforward. With these rubber items, the basic approach is to wipe them with some dry and unsullied cloth.


2. Doormat

Mousepad as DoormatRecycling a mouse pad as a doormat may seem like a tall order. Considering that the common mouse stuff is small, it will take perhaps a number of these things to come up with a rather wide floor cover.

However, this accessory also comes in bigger sizes. Considering that replacements are done every now and then, linking up all the collected ones can actually turn productive. With around four considerably larger pads, for instance, a doormat will be in place. Smaller-length stuffs mean conjoining more of those sheets.


3. Wall poster

Mousepad as Wall PosterPretty much like the posters of famous celebrities which are pinned to bedroom walls, a computer mouse can be an option to consider in lining up wall decorations. Of course, setting up the pads will depend on its image designs.

Mouse accessories printed with sports cars, cartoon characters or faces of movie stars are the most likely materials which can lit up a room or an office. The more vibrant or glamorous the images are, the bigger will be its likelihood to enliven a place.


4. Exercise accessory

Mousepad as Exercise AccessoryWhen doing physical activities, exercise equipments should be available in order to bolster the individual into performing the proper regimen. Usually, rubber mats are used to keep individuals comfortable in completing sequences.

Yoga practitioners, for example, have pads to practice on. In a similar manner, a computer mouse accessory can also be used for push-ups or squat positions in order to keep the hands from touching the bare floor. Linked together, a bigger mat emerges for body protection.


5. Photo frame

Mousepad as Photo FrameSimilar to being utilized as a desk cover, the rubber stuff can also be tapped as a memory frame on the table. It will be appropriate if uniform sizes of the multi-faceted mouse pads will be arranged on the table.

Pictures of families and friends will then be pasted or attached with plastic covers on the sheets. Pretty much like the photos hanging on the walls, people will have a grand time marvelling or reminiscing the images placed on a personal table.


6. Mousepad as Post it Board

Perhaps one of the more practical uses of old mouse pads is by being tapped as a note board. Like cork strips on the wall, post-it notices can be pinned on the computer accessory. Families will be able to stick reminders, grocery lists or work schedules on the pad.

To a certain extent, plain-colored mouse stuffs can be written upon with markers. Whether the scribbled notes are permanent or not will be up to the individual since such old stuffs will be thrown and replaced anyway. In addition, erasable pens are always on hand if the person concerned wants to continue using the board.


7. Bottle opener

Mousepad as Bottle openerEvery now and then, people find themselves facing the difficulty of opening bottles, cans and other related objects. These items may have been twisted a bit hard leading to a frustrating predicament later.

In this case, mouse pads can be utilized as a rubber squeezer in order to avoid the trouble of experiencing pain on a person’s hands. With such a material on hand, kitchen problems with regards to opening grocery items can now be solved.


8. Placemat

Mousepad as PlacematAnother straightforward application for the computer accessory is by being set upon as a table placemat. This is associated with the doormat utilization except that this one is used as a cushion for eating utensils.

The materials can be treated as table mat replacements. Plates, bowls and other foodstuffs will be placed on as dining pads. Moreover, the presence of these things will also serve as cushionary presence against food and water spills during eating.


9. Art work

Mousepad as Art WorkConsidering that mouse pads will soon find their way into the disposal bags, using the components as art materials for children will be a feasible idea. Kids will have the freedom to do whatever they want on these rubber sheets.

They can draw on them. They can add colors to what they’ve drawn. They can paste some stuff in order to boost their works. Children can also bring in their scissors and create figures out of these objects.


10. Insect swatter

Mousepad as Insect SwatterWhile using the pads for clobbering insects may not be such a good idea due to its elastic property, instituting a hard frame will do the trick. Anchoring small wooden pieces will be helpful enough to straighten the rubber sheet.

To make this item more effective, smaller pads glued in between two sticks may make the concept functional. Larger mouse sheets can also be useful provided the materials will have its sizes reduced or modified.


11. Hand fan

Mousepad as Hand FanSimilar to the swatter idea, designing the computer accessory into a much more manageable dimension is key to its effectiveness as a fan. With some hard frames pasted in place, the rubber material will likely hold up when swayed back and forth.


12. Roll bundle

Mousepad as Roll bundleIn relation with the scheme on de-cluttering, another practical use for mouse pads lean on it being utilized as a casing of some sort for bundle items on desks. Rolling it over with some rubber bands to enclose pens and pencils is a way of clearing messy tables.


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