90 Funny Fantasy Football League Names

As if handling fantasy football leagues wasn’t tiresome enough, 2020 just had to go and make the job harder. The year of the frightful pandemic has cancelled all sorts of public events and left millions of die-hard football fans to find solace in fantasy football league matches. With the increasing number of leagues, coming up with good fantasy football league names can definitely make you scratch your head. You would want the name to sound catchy enough so that it sticks but also funny enough so that, upon hearing it, football geeks can have a field day. All in all, fantasy football league names will represent your players in distinct, unique ways. This article of some of the best fantasy football league names has a variety of suggestions to help you pick one of your liking.

Catchy Football League Names

An ice cold beer, perfectly melted cheese dip, and a huge flat screen TV; these are just the tip of the iceberg of oddly satisfying things. Want to know what else is oddly satisfying? Catchy fantasy league names that have a nice ring to them. What makes the best fantasy league name catchy, you ask? Alliteration, acronyms, clever use of words, references that most people would get, etc. Here are some suggestions:

  1. The Fierce Guardians
  2. The Bane Warriors
  3. The Bloodvenom Balls
  4. The Hallowed Nightstalkers
  5. The Blue Moon Bros
  6. The Waking Warriors
  7. The Lone Legs
  8. The Blackpaw Keepers
  9. The Coldtooth Pack
  10. The Bravecrest Manes
  11. The Bitterpelt Pride
  12. The Existence Moulder
  13. The Life Watcher
  14. The Spirit Advancer
  15. Treasurer of Time
  16. Chaperon of Realms
  17. Cherisher of the Universe
  18. The Gentle Inventor
  19. The Serene Sentinel
  20. The Living Era
  21. The Gifted Cosmos
  22. The Spirit Stabilizer
  23. The Soul Founder
  24. The Generation Angel
  25. Counsel of Existence
  26. Handler of Globes
  27. Supporter of Essences
  28. The Revered Treasurer
  29. The Infinite Infuser
  30. The Cherished Generation Nurturer
  31. The Serene Sentinel
  32. The Power Unit
  33. The Generation Immerser
  34. Guider of Life
  35. Shepherd of Realms

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Funny Football League Names

Laughter is the best medicine and funny league names are bound to get some LOLs out. What else do you think virtual football injuries are healed by? The players look at the funny fantasy football league name on their custom tee, have a howl together and replenish their strength to play. If you can’t find a good fantasy league name, just trust in your sense of humor. Funny fantasy league names have never gone out of fashion because hilarity is universal. This list should help you out:

  1. The Roast Roosters
  2. Southern Grumblers
  3. Royal Foam Simpletons
  4. La Beat Addicts
  5. The Pests
  6. Plastic Ass Empire
  7. Bottom End Gentlemen
  8. Spice Balls
  9. Footlong League
  10. Peculiar Diggers
  11. Lazy Grass Stampede
  12. Humble Vanguard
  13. Victorious Savages
  14. Gigantic Boneheads
  15. Brown Whiz Silencers
  16. Ravaged Cicadas
  17. The Voodoo Norsemen
  18. Grunting Runners
  19. Copperhead Wranglers
  20. Golden Fire Tamales
  21. The Murder Skyhooks
  22. Infamous Bangers
  23. Sunday Blue Terror
  24. Tiny Field Rats
  25. Stiff Donkey Ducks
  26. Buzzing Happy Bugs
  27. Stomping Vikings
  28. The Turf Zealots
  29. Seaview Planets
  30. La Gonzo Cleavage
  31. The Blue Moon Pack
  32. The Marked Warriors
  33. The Lone Keepers
  34. The Blackpaw Keepers
  35. Reggy Whispers

Come Up with Your Own Names!

You’re not the only football fanatic in your league, are you? Your team consists of your friends who are just as dorky about football as you are. They would love the custom fantasy league names on their tees. They would love the tees even more if they could relate to it. Inside jokes among your group, funny nicknames you gave to one another; all of these are great sources for good fantasy league names.

If your team has people who like Harry Potter, you could come up with:

  • A Muggle Fantasy
  • After The Quaffle!
  • Best Chasers in Town
  • Eyes On The Field
  • Potterheads United

If your team has a fanbase for Game Of Thrones, these are some suggestions:

  • Starks United
  • League of Lannister
  • Terrors of Targaryen
  • Drogo’s Offspring
  • The Battle of Goals

If your team is into Marvel stuff, these names could be cool:

  • Avengers Assemble
  • League of Asgardians
  • Guardians of The Goalpost
  • Team Groot
  • We Are Inevitable

And of course, there are also suggestions for the DC fans in fantasy football leagues as well:

  • Football Justice League
  • Martian Goal-Hunters
  • Kryptonians United
  • League of Amazonians
  • Suicide Squad

Some Last Thoughts

Coming up with fantasy football league names that are catchy, funny, and original might seem easy on paper. But once you start thinking about it, you come to the realization that it’s not as simple as it sounds. However, fantasy football is not a game that one plays alone, it’s teamwork. Some players defend, some players strike and others provide support. The game requires team effort. And you know what they say, many minds are better than one. Consult your teammates, do some brainstorming and you’ll be able think of quirky, distinctive names that best suit the overall personality of your league. This article can definitely help you explore and find options that you may end up liking. If not, then it will at least give you a slight nudge to the right direction. Hope you enjoyed reading all of our suggestions!