Tips and Tricks for Creating your own Custom Popular T Shirts

What Makes A Popular T Shirt?

Popular t-shirts are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe and more likely than not, you have a iconic t shirt in your closet right now. But popularity and quality go hand in hand.  Consider these issues with making a custom popular t shirt must possess these two characteristics for it to be admired in the market.

  1. Catchy Design
  2. Durability after countless washes and iron

How to Create Classic T Shirt Designs and Make Them Popular?

Creating an iconic t shirt can be daunting but it’s definitely not impossible.  Several illustrators, graphic designers, and typographers earn money in this type of business, especially if the t-shirts become well-known. The designs usually stem from popular bands, TV shows, or bands. As a result, they become popular not only to the local folks but also internationally.

Here are some examples of iconic t shirts:

  1. The “I LOVE NY” T Shirt
  2. The Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Album Cover tee
  3. The Tie Dye Tee
  4. Don’t Mess with Texas T Shirt
  5. The Rolling Stone Tongue Shirt
  6. Vote for Pedro Tee
  7. Just Do It Nike Shirt
  8. I’m With Stupid T Shirt
  9. Keep Calm & Carry on T Shirt
  10. The Tuxedo Shirt

Popular T-Shirt Design Similarities

Here is what we found similar in each of the famous t shirts this year along with the previous years in which we were pandemic free. This is a list of design types that you can use for inspiration or reference for your business.

  1. Typography based designs
  2. Statement designs
  3. Inspirational quotes
  4. Bible quotes
  5. Supporting a cause design
  6. Humor
  7. Retro designs
    1. Neon t shirt
  8. Line art designs
  9. TV shows, Movies, and Album Covers/Bands
  10. Floral designs


However, how does one make popular t shirts? What process do artists usually go through to make a design that will appeal to people?

  1. Make time to explore your concept – First, set a clear goal before anything else. Your job will be much easier if you are following a specific and clear goal for your t-shirt designs. Find a theme first. Most popular t-shirts are pretty straight to the point and involve a mainstream topic. For example, the I’m With Stupid tee shirt that became popular. The designer focused on humor as a theme and has a very minimal design.
  2. Be meticulous and simple at the same time – An overly detailed t-shirt design never tends to be one of the coolest shirts ever. Not to mention, making a complicated design is costly and time-consuming. Imagine the time wasted when making an elaborate design and compare it to a simple yet meaningful t-shirt. In short, to produce several t-shirts at a good price, the design must be classic and expressive.
  3. Check your demographics – Before you venture out to make a line of famous t shirts, you must know your audience first. Is it for girls or boys? What are their gender preferences? For what age; is it for kids, teenagers, or adults? What are their professions? List these queries down and do your research before selling your designs. After all, the coolest t-shirts ever are always the ones that define who you are and those around you.
  4. Humor sells! – Clever jokes from a t-shirt might make people think of it as the best t-shirt ever. However, one should never go below the belt or overboard when it comes to jokes. Be subtle but clever because not all jokes are acceptable. So, make sure to keep it simple and that no one is offended. Sometimes people find it offensive because making humor designs are a subjective matter.
  5. Choose the right color – Color gives life to a design. But if it is used too much, it will likely be more expensive. Classic t-shirt designs usually incorporate bright and contrasting colors to increase visibility. But if your budget is limited, it is recommended not to choose more than three colors.
  6. Pick the best print companies – If investing in an expensive print machine is not an option for you, try partnering with some of the great printing companies. You may ask them about the technical requirements; like shipping and pricing. The important part is the raw materials should be of high quality to ensure the durability of your designs after multiple washing and ironing.
  7. Do not stop training – A real designer never stops learning how to improve his knowledge and skills. While designing classic t-shirt designs, a good designer should not rely on talent and experiences alone but should also develop his skills by getting the right education, training and coaching. Some designers even attend business classes to further improve their understanding of their business. By doing this, not only will the quality of your product improve but the business side of your market will flourish brilliantly.