Pouring your morning brew in a custom coffee mug will enhance your perception of having a quality coffee to start the day. You might be looking at a gift guide to see what to get your coworker for their birthday and ultimately decide on custom coffee mugs. The type of material your mug is made from might be negatively affecting the flavors of your morning cup of joe. That expensive mug you bought as a gift might ruin your coffee’s bold aromatic flavors.

We’ve found that those funny coffee mugs you received as a promotional item are actually better for your morning pick me ups than those expensive stainless steel tumblers.

From fancy and colorful porcelain mugs to traditional stainless steel thermos, we’ve researched and compared multiple types of materials to conclude that porcelain mugs are ideal for maintaining the flavor of your coffee.

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Porcelain (Ceramic) mug

We often perceive quality by context, and a porcelain mug usually means a higher class environment with higher expectations. Porcelain mugs actually perform better by all means. Unlike its competitors, porcelain mugs don’t impart flavor neither absorb flavor, leaving your coffee with the natural bold flavors. Another bonus of owning a porcelain mug is its ability to retain the temperature. The porcelain mug doesn’t lose as much heat as plastic and paper cups. The ideal temperature to drink coffee is 120°F to 140°F. Maintaining such temperature is vital in keeping the taste of coffee consistent. You can even get custom coffee mugs for birthdays, anniversaries and much more.

Plastic Cups

Plastic might be a good choice if you are looking for cheap and durable mugs, as plastic mugs are not brittle; thus, they don’t crack if accidentally dropped. Regardless of this, a plastic mug might sacrifice the taste of your favorite coffee. These cups absorb flavors and odors, which maintains the residual flavors of your last drink. Plastic mugs can work for outdoor excursions, but you might not want to pick these mugs as your regular cup to sip in the mornings.

Stainless steel thermos

A steel thermos as a vessel can offer temperature equilibrium for a longer period. These vessels can prove beneficial for taking your coffee with you. Whether it’s a steamed or ice coffee, a steel vessel can help you maintain coffee’s temperature and texture. Stainless steel doesn’t absorb flavor, yet there are slight chances of imparting low-grade material into your delicious espresso.

Glass Mugs

Glass can be a good coffee holder for your hot macchiato. It doesn’t impart any flavor and rarely absorbs any. Thus, it does not compromise the coffee’s taste and can retain its savor for long enough. Nevertheless, a glass cup cannot withhold the high temperature and becomes hot easily. This compromises the ease of holding the cup along with altering the taste of the coffee.

Paper cup

Drinking coffee from a paper cup is the last option you would pick. Paper cups are typically used as disposable temporary mugs and might also alter the flavor of your java. It has a tendency to absorb the external odors, which can change the taste of the coffee. Using a paper cup for daily usage might not be a wise decision to make, and would definitely not be an option for those coffee drinkers in your life. Alas, what you can expect from a one-time use coffee cup.


From all the coffee vessels discussed above, it can be concluded that the porcelain mug has the upper hand over all its competitors. This mug is the best when it comes to holding coffee for a longer time without compromising the coffee’s taste and temperature. Therefore, it is important to choose the correct mug, as drinking coffee from a wisely chosen mug can help you sip the finer notes of your espresso. Consider getting a mug as a gift for tequila lovers, they’ll need it after a night of downing shot glasses.

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