Fundraising Made Easy w/ Custom Promotional Products

Bring out the fun in fundraising!

Rather than putting up a donation box and waiting for patrons, consider unique and fun ideas for a fundraising campaign. Fundraisers, if done right, can bring about a favorable change while creating an event for the contributors and donors. If you are a social media influencer that supports a charity, you could arrange for an online fundraising campaign. Awareness runs or hikes could also be good ideas as people will enjoy participating in a good cause. Carnivals tend to attract people of all ages, so why not arrange for a fundraising one? All of which need custom promotional products to get the word out or simply for fundraising purposes. Stay till the end to know about all the ways you could organize innovative fundraisers for a good cause. 

Work your social media presence to support charities and engage your audience!

Celebrities and entertainers have always fascinated people with their performances vs. real-life personas. Actors in movies and TV shows have allowed people to see authentic stories come to light in the form of fiction or laugh so hard that they forget how bad it was at work today. Regular folks like us hold these celebrities on high pedestals, but they tend to forget that they are ordinary people too. Over the years, as social media platforms have gotten massively popular, some people started uploading content and gaining an audience to themselves. Their quirky yet relatable content may have brought a smile to someone’s face or helped someone go through tough times. Many social media influencers get invited to media events or interact with big-shot celebrities for promotional purposes.

Custom promotional products are a great tool for promoting your brands or showing appreciation to your fans and followers. Fans and the audience love to see their favorite idols interact, reveal parts of their life and have a good time with one another. It makes us realize that entertainers may be on the other side of the screen, but they are just like us. That makes us want to support them in their endeavors even more. If you are a social media influencer, you could organize a fundraiser online, provide some unique content and give away custom t-shirts and lapel pins when your fans reach the desired target goal.

Promote good health and good causes at the same time!

Organizing runs or hikes can be pretty challenging. The prime goal of this kind of fundraising campaign is to raise funds by getting enough participants. However, it would help if you also thought about your kind contributors’ needs and how to meet them. You cannot just be taking their money, make them run for 20 miles, and have them sweat their life out – that is inhumane. Here are some things to keep in mind: refreshments, protection, and rewards.

Firstly, have refreshment spots stationed in every mile or so to let your participants revitalize themselves. To not run out of the water and other refreshments is of vital importance. Your contributors will be sweating a lot, so they will need to recharge to complete the run or hike.

Secondly, equip your participants with appropriate protection from the relentless sun and annoying dust particles. These events are generally held during the summer as other seasons are not proper; it is too cold for any kind of outside, physical activity in the winter, and come on, nobody will be running or hiking in the rain. So, your participants will appreciate any sun and dust protection equipment that you can provide them. Lastly, have some tokens of appreciation ready for when your participants finish the run or hike. Custom keychains and neoprene wristbands would make great souvenirs to give the participants generous donations and efforts.

Raise your funds along with rides, food stalls, and fun attractions!

Maybe seeing the recent “It” movie has permanently ruined carnivals for you, but there is no feeling comparable to what you feel when you reach the top of a roller coaster and head down at full speed. You may be scared of clowns, but the talented entertainers put up quite a fantastic show in these carnivals. And, of course, you may have problems with consuming sugar all year round, but this is the one day when you can munch down on cotton candies. People of all ages enjoy an excellent carnival still to this day.

So, arranging one as a fundraising campaign where all the proceeds would go towards charities would be a great idea. It would help if you were fixing easy yet fun rides that both children and adults can enjoy, like carousels, mini roller coasters, and mechanical bulls. Food stalls should have classic carnival foods like corn dogs, popcorn, pretzels, cotton candy, candy apples, and ice cream. For entertainment purposes, you could get jugglers that can do tricks with flying disks, puppeteers that can perform original stories, and bands that can play pop songs.

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