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Key chains are accessories that you attach to one of the essential tools of your household – keys. Keys are needed to lock up your possessions, your house, or to get access to your safety lockers and personal transportation. Since different keys have different purposes, custom key chains can add to those functions and give your keys a unique style. Besides that, personalized key chains make for great gifts for loved ones and as marketing devices. If you own a business or a shop specializing in customization, you could order blank keychains from our website and work on them as per your customers’ wishes. As for our customers, you could order bulk key chains and use them for campaign souvenirs, promotional giveaways, or Christmas stocking gifts.

Popular Uses: Opening a personalization business could either be risky or ground-breaking. If you do not possess the right business mind about what things people like to get custom-made or do not get the hang of the art of customization, it is likely that your trade will not pick up fast. When starting up a customization business, the safest bet is to invest in blank key chains; people generally like to personalize key-chains to gift a significant other or express their interests through them. Our collection of custom key-chains have the option of ordering everything as blank, so you can personalize it as your customers want.

Companies always need to be top on their marketing game. They need useful and innovative marketing ideas to keep their old customers and appeal to new ones. One thing that helps to boost up a company is interactions with customers. It can be done in many forms: giveaways, appreciation gifts, lucky draws, etc. And it is a known fact that customers always love getting something free from a brand they love. In our varied collection, we have personalized dog tags too. Apart from being used as necklaces, they also function well as key chains, so they are quite versatile. Having these custom dog tags as items to give your customers appreciate their loyalty to your company would be a great marketing move.

Public campaigns are designed to support a cause and to have others join your cause. It may raise awareness, support a communal cause, or advocate for candidates in an election. These campaigns are held in public to get media coverage, let the word spread, and get more participants, volunteers, or contributors. Public engagement in activities is significant for these sorts of campaigns. Now, to thank or show appreciation for all the people who contributed to the campaign, you could get custom key tags from our collection and give them out as souvenirs or even sell them for a fundraiser.

Suppose you have been around your fair share of cars and bikes. You and your friends are always looking out for the latest car modification or bike accessories and talking about them over a drink. Your group may have the most custom made seats, steering wheel covers, gloves, headlights, and so on. Every single night you spend together, someone always has a pack of drinks ready. Our assortment of custom key chains has the perfect accessory for you and your group; bottle openers. We have personalized bottle openers that you can use for your vehicle keys and crack cold ones open with your friends.

Design Suggestions: To make custom keychains for your customers, you must keep their interests in mind. Working on a blank canvas allows you to reach your crafting potential, and our keychains will provide you exactly that.When it comes to making dog tags as giveaways for your customer, incorporate their favorite color, finish and key chain names on one side. On the other side, you could have the company’s name and logo engraved along with a thank you message. As for campaign souvenirs, have the theme colors in the key chains, along with a custom logo or text associated with your cause. Engraved keychains always evoke the thought you had while making it for your friends. You could add phrases that the group uses and gift the keychains to everyone. Or, you could make personalized ones with different shapes, finishes, and texts on each keychain for each friend.

Product Materials: Apart from general keychains made of fabric, we have plastic and aluminum keychains. We also have dog tags, luggage tags, and carabiners. The tags are made of silicon and aluminum, depending on which type of keychain you order. Carabiner keychains are made of metal. Custom designs are embroidered on the fabric keychains, printed on the plastic keychains, and laser engraved on the aluminum keychains. The carabiners, dog tags, and luggage tags are customized using a laser.