Time To Get Our Promo Hat On! 

Tradeshow Exhibitors’ primary goal is to generate leads for future customers. It’s critical to raise brand recognition among these prospects so that they remember your company and check into your goods and services when they have a need or a pain point. As a result, giving out promotional items to guests has become the ultimate standard. It’s easy to go overboard with freebies. A decent giveaway promotional item should readily fit in an ordinary suitcase or carry-on bag and be friendly to lightweight travel. Your freebies are unlikely to result in sales during the exhibition. However, if a freebie has a long life span, it will be frequently usable, and the receiver will see your brand several times. You would also be the first to know when they’re ready to buy. It’s critical to design your giveaways carefully to guarantee your promotions have the most significant impact possible. Let’s look at the best options for accomplishing your goal now that you know what you want to achieve with custom promotional products.


Tradeshow exhibits are organized for businesses to present and market their newest items. Custom pens are consistently at the top of the promotional product rankings. They are highly functional tools that individuals from all walks of life utilize regularly. Our custom pens collections include various designs, kinds, and colors to meet every corporate need. Standard pens are plenty, but a personalized pen will demonstrate to a hot lead that your firm goes above and beyond. Keep in mind that you’re not only giving out personalized pens with your company’s logos or taglines; you’re also giving away small billboards for your business! 


Because nearly everyone begins their day with a cup of coffee or tea, stainless steel tumblers are constantly in demand. Create brand awareness by putting our promotional tumblers on recipients’ cupboards and workstations, which will function as small billboards. Give these as a thank-you present to your employees and customers who will appreciate them for a long time! Our custom tumblers will draw people’s attention to your business logos every time they use them because of their vivid imprint and elegant stainless-steel structure.


Attendees’ lips are sure to grow chapped because of all the conversations emerging on the exhibition floor. When visitors dip into their pockets or purse to moisten their lips, the promotional lip balm will provide a constant reminder of your brand. Our custom lip balms can keep your guests’ lips protected from the weather, from frigid winter winds to scorching summer heat.  

Fidget Toys 

We are not just talking about any old stress ball here. Our fidget toys are a fresh twist on a personalized stress ball that will set your brand apart from the competition. The mouse bubbles made of high-quality silicone allow it to be pressable repeatedly. The fidget toy is a novel approach to keep staff interested while they sit through more and more virtual meetings. Choose from a choice of various shapes that best represent your company and get your brand booming in no time! These stress toys are also a massive hit amongst younger generations making them perfect for daycares and schools. 

Phone wallet holder 

Smartphones now dominate the mobile device industry and are expected to continue to do so in the future. What better way to give your guests something useful than a smartphone wallet holder? Our personalized phone wallet holder, printed with your company logo and various company colors, is the ultimate brand booster you can ever create! Phone wallet holders are a cost-effective and lightweight method to make an impression on customers. These wallet holders are perfect for showing your logo or expressing your business message because they are easily customized and very functional.

Tote Bags 

Trade show giveaways like branded tote bags can assist guests in carrying all of the goods they pick up on the show floor. Our custom tote bags are simple to distribute since they are lightweight, foldable, and contain other small promotional items. You may print your logo and vital company information on them for potential clients or customers to utilize later. Large print spaces on our tote bags are ideal for branding, innovative designs, and eye-catching colors. Your client can continue using custom tote bags for groceries or even lunch bags long after the show. 

USB Drives

Having a custom flash drive on hand is beneficial with all the data we need to save and files we need to move. Documents, music, videos, and books are all savable on flash drives. If you slap your logo on the outside, your brand is being instantly recognizable daily. With our Custom USB Flash Drives, you can boost your marketing efforts for your tech-savvy clientele. These highly functional and versatile flash drives will outlast and are usable by recipients longer than other promotional items. As a result, when you hand out USB drives at trade shows, you’ll get noticed by potential clients and guests.   


Make sure this tradeshow event, your brand stands out way beyond the competitors. Think out of the box and make great use of promotional items as subtle as hats! Apart from its primary function of protecting your face from the sunlight, hats have become a fashion statement. Get our custom hats printed with a stylish design and colors created just for your event to do your brand a favor! With more people wearing your unique personalized hat, the business name is on an upward trajectory!

Drawstring bags 

Aside from the traditional promotional tote bags, this year, take your exhibit up a notch. Our two-tone drawstring bags will be a hit with recipients who want to carry their treasures about with them. Imprint your marketing phrases on these two-tone traditional drawstring tote bags and watch them spread the marketing magic! We also carry cotton drawstring bags perfect for a higher quality needs.

Can Coolers

Rounding out our list is a giveaway that is affordable and comes with many customization options. Our can coolers will make excellent keepsakes for your visitors to take home and remember the event. We provide coolie wholesale orders to function as strolling ads while customers keep their beverages cold. What better way to keep your brand name still wandering about even after the tradeshow event ends? Being great alternatives to paper handouts, distributing our bottle coolers will help your brand achieve smash success!

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