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If you are in dire need of some SPF lip balms for your dry lips, then our collection is quite ideal. The climate can be fierce on your skin sometimes, but with our custom lip balms, your lips will be glistening like never before. Wedding favors are not complete without these. If your company is new to the e-commerce or makeup market or are looking for items to include in promotional giveaways, our lip balms are the safest choice. These personalized lip balms also great stocking fillers on Christmas and add ons to gift care packages. Be it flavored, tinted, both, or none of the mentioned, everyone needs sunscreen lip balms to use for themselves and give others who may need it.

Popular Uses: Summer is nearing fast, so you better gear up with some seasonal essentials. In the must-haves list, include SPF lip balms as well; your lips will thank you later. If you have friends or family that you know to be quite cautious about their skincare, you can arrange some goodie bags. After including moisturizers and sunscreen lotions, you can throw in some custom Chapstick in the mix and gift them to your loved ones. The Custom lip balms are perfect for filling out Christmas stockings as they are compact and pocket-sized. You could include pop sockets, keychains, wristbands, and other gifts in the stockings too.

Summer weddings – many people dream about it, and many do not approve of the idea. Because, while you can have the best floral arrangements incorporating bright colors, some of your guests may not agree with the prolonged sunlight exposure. So, while you are thinking about a list of things to include in your wedding invitation packages, consider putting in personalized Chapstick. Your guests will be quite pleased as they can use the lip balms to survive the day.

Giveaways are nothing new for large-scale businesses. Organizing giveaways for the customers as appreciation is a classic marketing tactic. Usually, one will utilize apparel, drinkware, and cosmetics as giveaway items, but you could try something different. Promotional lip balms are a great self-care product you could add to your list of these lip balms will please your customers and act as mini billboards to promote your brand to future clients. On the other hand, if your makeup or e-commerce business is ready to debut, you need to feature products that cater to a wide range of people. As a starter product, logo lip balms tend to do pretty well as they are unisex and age-friendly. Offer a variety of designs and flavors in your stock so that everyone and anyone can find something they like and can use so that your business reaches a diverse demographic.

Design Suggestions: For summertime, you could choose juicy mango or Pina Colada as the flavors for your SPF lip balms to feel the weather's vibes. As for your diva friends, you could choose their favorite flavor and browse through our pre-designed glam templates to select the one that perfectly matches their characteristic traits.

You could personalize lip balms for the wedding invitation packages according to your personality. You could submit an original artwork that we will print on the lip balms, or you could choose one from many of our designs. We have "The Hunt Is Over," "Pucker Up! This Bitch Is Getting Married", and "Kiss The Single Life Goodbye!" among many other templates for you to choose from. For the flavors, chocolate mint, peach, strawberry, and mixed berries would be suitable for summer weddings.

When you make the logo lip balm for your company giveaway, you will need to include the company name and logo in your artwork to be imprinted on. You could do polls from your company's social media to ask the customers which flavors do they prefer and not prefer, so your work of selecting them will become easier. As for your new business, it is best to get all the flavors and offer various designs, so there's something for everyone.

Product Materials: Two of our logo lip balms' best-selling points are that they are made of entirely vegan materials and are cruelty-free. The other top-selling point is that the lip balms have 8% uncoated zinc oxide for SPF protection. Our lip spf balms have bees' wax as their core material. The lip balms also have aloe vera gel, shea butter, and cocoa butter to seal the moisture of your lips. We also include sunflower oil and soybean oil to act as gloss in lip balms. Additional ingredients consist of tocopherol, and acetate (Vitamin E), keeping your lips lively and healthy.