Thought we neon left in the 80s? As it turns out, it’s making a comeback, and not just on the clubbing scene. The neon theme is now available for various events, from corporate to children’s parties, so it’s time to get on board. Neon themes for events can enhance your event venue by adding both a splash of color and vibrancy!

Our new custom neon products will transform your space into a glowing focal point. Whether you need attractive neon goodies to spread brand recognition and awareness for your event, or you need to guide people to assist a charitable cause by handing out branded personalized neon products, we can help with it all! A neon theme is a terrific choice if you want to create an event with a bright pop of color, so here are some cool custom neon product ideas to get you started!

Custom Fluorescent Tumblers

Promotions never end, whether for a Fortune 500 company or a small business and even at the most casual, non-business-oriented gatherings and events. There is almost always a way to advertise your company while participating in these activities. Which drinkware subtly reflects your company while yet performing its purpose during these activities is the question.

Our durable Custom Fluorescent Tumblers with attractive designs are subtle promotional goods, but why are they so popular, you ask? Even after your event is over, your guests will benefit from our personalized tumblers for various reasons. Starting with bringing drinks on a hike, to schools, offices, the gym, you name it! They are a part of people’s daily life, and they will be carrying your company’s brand and address with them all the time. 

The Custom Fluorescent Tumblers are also perfect for bachelorette parties to give out to bridesmaids and more. You can also customize the tumblers for girls’ trips or as a gift to that neon lover in your life.

These personalized tumblers are also printable with front and back wraparound style with your advertisements in bright imprint colors. What better approach to have your product thriving in no time than to advertise it this smoothly?

Custom Fluorescent Mousepads

We are all producers and consumers in the grand scheme of marketing. And every one of us wants to represent a brand logo or a product. How many branded products do you see if you glance around your office or at the clothing worn by the general public? More than a handful, we can relate!

Now, what holds the most promotional space? By the sheer amount of space available for imprint, it’s a personalized mouse pad. On our Custom Fluorescent Mousepads, there’s even more room for branding. True, computer fanatics attending your event will adore our fluorescent custom printed giant mouse pads, which provide plenty of room for mouse maneuvering! Our digital full-color print method can create a detailed photographic, pixel-perfect, and gorgeous sharp print for your logos and graphics!  

Custom Neon Face Masks 

A good branding strategy is necessary for a successful product launch. Custom branded products are a terrific way to get the word out about your brand, and promotional face masks are a great way to market your company in 2020. When it comes to branded promotional products, there are a plethora of options. It makes sense that you may be wondering: why face masks?

Face masks have been growing in popularity for years, but the new pandemic has turned them into a necessity! Many people will jump at the opportunity to show off their love for a brand that they support using custom face masks. Plus, since the masks are reusable and made from polyester construction of the soft fabric, people are more likely to use them than they are to use a flimsy paper one if given the option.

Our Custom Neon Face Masks are the ideal promotional item for you to design that everyone will appreciate! You can customize the printed face masks in all imprint colors with your images to demonstrate that your company cares about the health of its customers.

Custom Fluorescent Can Sleeves 

There are few gifts that most people do not care for that much. Some businesses may invest in flower garlands to place around the necks of their guests during formal events such as conventions and product launches. Flower garlands or basic new product description gift cards are the kind of gifts people forget about soon after, leave on the chairs on their way out or dump in their cars. Also, such event favors might not have real promotional value.

Homeowners and business owners now have more choices and possibilities than ever before. When it comes to innovative and unique can sleeves, customization is king! Giving away our Custom Fluorescent Can Sleeves as promotional goodies isn’t simply a marketing stunt; it’s also a way of showing your attendees that their presence is valued. You can take it even further by having your guests’ names printed on these customs can sleeve along with your brand logo and taglines. After all, that is much better than paper badges!

Can sleeves are also perfect for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and much more! They fit most cans and bottles and will create an excellent barrier between that cold drink and your hands. The neon colors will give the product that extra pop as well. 

Custom Fluorescent Coffee Wraps

An event that introduces the birth of a new product cannot simply mean that it’s a small event with almost no influential business executives. Successful marketing happens when your target audience gets reminded of the masterpiece of a product you’ve made just for them, that too almost regularly! And no other way to make it happen rather than using some of the funkiest custom party favors!

With an event this huge, make sure your guests are kept hydrated! The best form of gaining customer loyalty is to make sure they are equally valued and cared for throughout the event! Our Custom Fluorescent Coffee Wrap is the ideal product for you to kill two birds with one stone! You heard us right! With your brand logos and taglines imprinted on these foam collapsible coffee wraps, you can serve hot chocolate, tea, warm cider, and coffee, as well as spread the word about your brand swiftly

We offer the Custom Neon Products are perfect promotional items for any business; dozens of designs will perfectly suit any brand event! The fact that tumblers are versatile is an added advantage you should solely enjoy! Place your order for your custom neon products today and launch the new product line with a blast!


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