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The holiday season has arrived, and a new year is just around the bend. People throughout the country are planning how to make next year their finest and most successful year yet. Whether you’re planning a themed office party or simply spending your December 31st in peaceful reflection, our range of custom glassware will assist promote some Holiday spirit with a few Holiday spirits.

You can personalize drink ware with your corporate logo for your New Year’s Eve celebration. The staff can then take the drinware home as a nice corporate gift.

Now let’s see how our custom glassware helps you welcome the new year with a bang!


If you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve party, you’ve probably already planned it and decided on the alcohol you’ll serve. People rejoice for various reasons during New Year’s Eve gatherings. In any case, the new year brings with it the prospect of an even better year. Whether it’s Tequila, Whiskey, or a mixed cocktail, our custom shot glasses will undoubtedly double the enjoyment while your bottom’s up!

Why not have unique shot glasses printed with your company logo for your next office party? Give them away as one-of-a-kind freebies for potentially being the perfect silver lining! If your company or another business is sponsoring your party, our branded shot glasses are a must! Employees are far more likely to remember your business with giveaways.

Our personalized shot glasses come in two sizes: 1.75 oz. and 2 oz and various unique designs. The shot glasses arecomposed of durable glass. Because all of the customizations are directly screen printed on the glasses, making your party deets extra visible and vibrant!



You shouldreflect on your accomplishments, hopes, and dreams even if you’re spending New Year’s Eve in. Take a minute this New Year’s Eve to raise a glass with the people you care about using our custom stadium cups. They will effortlessly allow you to enjoy your favorite drinks without having to worry about glasses breaking all over the place! There’s no better way to celebrate where you’ve been and welcome where you’re heading than to ring in the New Year with cheers using these stadium cups boldly imprinted with the emblem of the brand you worked so hard to build!

All of our custom stadium cups are made of polypropylene and come in various distinctive styles and sizes!



If you are throwing this year’s New Year’s Eve party, a limitless supply of alcohol will for sure go around all night long! It’s a good idea to stock up on drinks and make some yourself ahead of time, and it’s even better to get our custom koozies for your party guests! They would love the custom can coolers since they will prevent slippage, water droplets from accumulating on the surface and keep the cold brew chilled with all of the unstoppable chattering, moving, and dancing!

It may be tough to say goodbye to this year, but we hope that great things await you in the coming year. Start the party off right with our koozies at your enjoyable party with all of your best pals. If you want to light up the room this year’s end, we also have color-changing custom Neoprene can coolers! Our sequin personalized beer can coolers are also suitable for New Year’s Eve parties since their designs complement the occasion’s theme.  You can also customize full color can coolers with any design you submit.


Cups take center stage during a New Year’s Eve party. When the timer goes off, make sure your visitors have a unique cup in their hands. Our custom tumblers will look great at a grand celebration or a casual get-together with friends. These re-usable stadium cups are a fan favorite. They not only look stunning, but you can also reuse them by placing them in the top rack of your dishwasher.  That makes them excellent keepsakes for your guests (mainly if they party a little too hard and don’t remember much of the celebration).

The tumblers come in multiple sizes – from sip-tastic to guzzling good – and colors. When you send your clients our selection of custom stadium cups, your brand will be a featured guest at the party as they toast the New Year with a bottle of bubbly. Our custom-branded drinkware, like your company, is made to last. Unlike glass, though, this drinkware is designed to withstand some rough handling and won’t break or shatter the first time something goes wrong. Your company, like you, is persistent. Why shouldn’t your drinking utensils be the same? Especially if you’re giving these glasses as a gift to your employees or clients, the last thing you want is for them to break!


This New Year’s Eve, celebrate in style with our long-lasting, sophisticated line of custom-branded drinkware. Raise your glass and toast to another successful year for your company.

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