Lapel pins are small pins that most wear on the lapel of a coat, blazer, or garment. It’s similar to jewelry, but it’s jewelry that can convey different messages. People wear these lovely artistic lapel pins with pride, while others collect them. Some lapel pins feature a company’s emblem, while others feature flags from various countries or just a message slogan.

Are you looking to develop a low-cost bespoke item for your business? We provide custom pins in a variety of design and construction options. Custom pins are a great way to create a branded product. Whether you’re searching for pins that appear regal and expensive or a piece that makes the wearer nostalgic!

We understand, however, that not everyone is an expert on the intricacies of pin-making. That is why our professional team has compiled a brief description of the differences between four different varieties of our Lapel Pins!



We stamp the design’s shape and then cut from a sheet before plating when manufacturing soft enamel pins. The first stamping creates raised and recessed portions (one level of metal raised over another lower level), then we color your pattern by filling in the recesses with enamel paint. When you run your fingertips over the surface of a soft enamel pin, the raised and recessed levels give it a particular “bumpy” or textured sensation. Soft enamel pins are slightly less expensive to create than hard enamel pins. A soft enamel pin’s rough feel allows for more line detail than hard enamel pins, and full enamel paint provides more visual variation than die-struck pins.

Because of their exceptional attractiveness, our soft enamel pins are the first choice of businesses and promoters. Because of the reflected appearance of the pins, you can utilize sharp and detailed images on them. Using these Soft Enamel Lapel Pins, you can turn your logos and drawings into real-life products.


Hard enamel pins are made the same way as soft enamel pins but with the additional step of filling each recess with colored resin. Following the resin fill, each color is baked at a high temperature to solidify and cure the enamel before applying a polish resulting in a firm and glossy finish with a virtually level surface. Hard enamel pins feature a smooth jewelry-grade surface compared to soft enamel pins’ metallic ridges, and the enamel becomes much more durable. The final polish that gives hard enamel pins their particular smoothness also causes the metal lines in a design to become slightly less detailed. But the color will appear much crisper and more brilliant than soft enamel pins.

Our hard enamel pins are smooth to the touch and free of metal ridges, elevating experiences for your application. They are an excellent choice for large-scale giveaways or recognition, and they are inexpensive. At formal events, recipients who proudly wear these lapel pins will grab the attention of patrons.


While we constantly get requests for colorfully designed patterns, sometimes less is more, which is where die-struck pins come in. Die struck pins are stamped in metal in the same way as soft enamel pins, but instead of enamel paint, they are sheathed in the natural look of their plating for a classic metal look, with the option of sandblasting the recesses for visual contrast. Designers and organizations seeking a classic metal appearance with our typical high polish coating prefer die-struck pins.  Compared to the stylized look of painted enamel pins, some clients view the simplicity of die-struck pins as more elegant and refined.

Our die-struck pins are made by first stamping a sheet of metal using a mold, which creates a deep impression on the metal. To have them engraved and plated, have them designed with your contrastive logos, texts, and designs. We have brass, iron, and zinc materials for polishing and plating bronze, gold, silver, and nickel.


Do you want a photo realistic pin? Offset printed pins are the way to go. We make these incredibly customized pins by printing a full-color graphic and then protecting it with an epoxy coating. They’re great for pins that require a high level of detail and a variety of colors.

Our offset printed pins are a popular choice for novelty pins because they can transform any photograph or artwork into a work of art. They’re an excellent choice for weddings, concerts, fundraisers, trade exhibitions, and other special occasions. They’re also worth thinking about for any designer with artwork that would look amazing on a pin but doesn’t want to change their designs too much for the new medium.  Wearing our custom offset pins with clothing provides recipients with extra recognition, among other benefits. They can avoid production problems such as misprinting small letters, missing shades, or gradients by improving the appearance of details and logos.



If you have a specific photo that you’d like to recreate, our custom offset printed pin is the perfect choice. It will for sure look the truest to your original design!

Our Die-struck lapel pins are a true classic for understated lapel pins. Its coin-like appearance is simple yet stylish, making it suitable for both professional and business casual attire.

Enamel is the way to go for brilliantly colored pins. Hard enamel is ideal for artistic designs that don’t require precise lines throughout. Soft enamel is excellent for more intricate designs.

If you’re looking for the best all-around pin, we’d have to go with our soft enamel. It’s the most traditional and most popular pin for a reason. They allow bright colors and the ability to support detailed designs.

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