What better method than a White Elephant Gift Exchange to spice up your next family or company gift exchange? If you’ve ever tried to cross the King of Siam, you’ve probably heard of this variant on the traditional game of Secret Santa. That’s how we got the White Elephant gift exchange, where practicality is secondary to the hilarity. A gathering of folks who are up for a funny and festive event and opening some gifts. White Elephant game regulations and gift requirements, such as cost limits or themes, should be communicated to all participants before the exchange. This way, everyone comes prepared with something at least bordering on appropriate. Play some festive music and serve out the Christmas cookies once everyone has arrived. 

When it comes to buying a White Elephant Gift, there are various options available. As long as you stick to the suggested price and any “special” instructions from the organizer, you shouldn’t have any issues. If you’re looking for a little extra holiday cheer this year, we’ve got plenty of options for you in our Christmassy goodie bag.

Time to get the holiday feeling on board!

The white elephant tradition can be a fun way to spend the time at a holiday gathering with your co-workers or closest circle of friends, and maybe even grab a great gift. But if you’ve been playing by the same rules year after year, the practice might be feeling a bit stale. This year, we’ve put together the right combination of gifts to liven up the game! Our custom products are a great way of getting started. These goodies alone will spice up the game and still retain its sweet/hilarious/festive spirit!


The ideal gift for chilly Christmas times to keep your loved ones snuggled up from right after they unwrap the present! Your Custom hoodie designs can be printed or embroidered as soon as today to meet the big game day! The best part about these goodies is that even after the game, they make fantastic souvenirs. Personalized hoodies with funny art or even unique designs will become a cherished memory. Plus, a custom hoodie fits perfectly for anyone, young or old. The lucky recipient of your gift will be beaming from ear to ear the entire night!

We carry a wide choice of custom hoodie brands, from moderate brands like Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, and Jerzees to higher-end brands like American Apparel. They are all of premium quality and come in a range of colors.


Now that one person is all cuddled up in their new favorite custom hoodie let’s move on to presenting some matching head wears! That’s right – introducing our fine collection of custom hats and beanies! In addition to being practical, these personalized presents are also one of the most cost-effective gifts you can send. We offer various materials and styles for custom hats, so you can easily find a stylish design to match your recipient’s taste and personality. Since custom hats come with a large imprint area, you can easily highlight various white elephant designs and artworks on them! Wrap these goodies up and watch how everyone roots for you to be their Secret Santa for next year!


Who does not like a bold and glossy custom Christmas patch stuck to their attire? These small goodies work grand measures when wrapped up as White Elephant Exchange gifts! Personalized patches make great gifts because they are always original and always thoughtful. Whether you give a patch by itself or sew it onto something else, embroidered patches automatically make your gift unique! A patch is a perfect gift for someone who wishes to put their personality into their attire because it is so customizable and makes such a bold fashion statement.

Our custom patches prepared with top-of-line and high-tech machines will for sure satisfy any given need or design for any given event!


You knew it was coming! 

Undoubtedly, one of the best gifts is personalized shot glasses. Our customized shot glasses come in various shapes and colors, making them ideal for those who drink, collect, or do a little of both. Each glass can be individually engraved with a name or initials, making them ideal for your White Elephant game this year! A shot glass is a great gift option if you’re looking for something different, as well as keeping the other person a little tipsy whenever they feel like it! For the perfect twist, unwrapping this present can also mean everyone gets to take a shot; of Eggnog!


Tumblers are more than just a convenient container for your favorite beverage; they may also serve as a stylish vase for fresh flowers, a pen holder, vibrant table decor, or an intriguing collectible. Whatever you think of tumblers, the bottom line is that these personalized gift items will make excellent presents for all types of holiday parties, from Christmas dinners to the White Elephant celebration! If you are sticking with a corporate White Elephant game this year, these can be perfect recognition gifts to your employees and students who would love them! These make great valued gifts because your recipients can use them to keep their beverages warm and hot while dashing to the gym, meetings, or running errands!

The personalized tumblers will draw attention to your vibrant artworks due to their vibrant colors and stylish stainless-steel structure.


Are you seeking the ideal present that perfectly expresses your feelings? Something that is highly appreciable by the person to whom you are giving it? Then end your search here with our custom printed mugs. It works as a versatile gift tailored to your preferences of styles, designs, and patterns. It is extra special because you can design these customized printed mugs with your desired photographs, print a love message, and gift it to your loved one in exchanges during the game. Personalized mugs have multiple uses and are not showpieces only. It’s perfect for daily uses and works as the perfect keepsakes.


If you have chosen to sip on eggnogs, sit by the lit Christmas tree, and play a good old game of White Elephant with your colleagues, the wrapped-up gift item should be extra thoughtful! Give your loyal employees our custom mouse pads as meaningful gifts. Add a personal flair to these mousepads and watch how it fosters a sense of community to your employees. Furthermore, your employees can reminisce about your company and its offers as they log in to their computers, whether at home or work, thanks to their new, unique mousepads!

Our personalized mousepads come in small rectangles, large rectangles, and circular designs. They come in neoprene, and they can be customized using the full-color process and digital printing processes.


Now, since you are getting indulged in the office White Elephant, make sure your guests and families know just the spot to stop for fun! Custom parking signs created for the best parking spot in the neighborhood or office.

Our custom parking lot signs are made of aluminum with a baked enamel finish on both sides. There are pre-drilled holes on top and bottom centered positions to ensure easy installation. We offer high-quality laser printing to allow for a clear full-color print.


There’s no better or more functional hot ticket item than personalized tote bags for the loveliest carryall gift. Tote bags can be themed to match the season! They are a terrific way to recall significant times and occasions and make the ideal gift item! Totes can reflect a person’s personality. You will never see another person with the same one. It was created specifically for your friend or family member. It’s pretty unique to have something that no one else in the entire globe possesses!  

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