Custom Printed Napkins for Your Next Event

Printed napkins are a popular addition to all types of events. They set the tone, they create a theme, and of course, are extremely useful! Not to add that printed napkins are a handy, amusing, and inexpensive event accessory. They’re also a great way to incorporate a theme or a pop of color into your event. It is simple to calculate the number of napkins required for your occasion. Custom napkins will let your event shine brightly throughout, whether informal or fancy. So, whether you’re organizing a wedding, a bar/bat mitzvah, a baby shower, or a birthday, getting the right number of napkins with the ideal theme will make your event easy to plan and unforgettable to attend!

So, here’s our take on how the number of custom napkins will help elevate your event!

Formal Gatherings

From black-tie weddings to exquisite Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Award Ceremonies, or Corporate Affairs, we recommend purchasing three to four Beverage Napkins per guest for the cocktail hour and canapés. Add one to two extra Beverage Napkins per guest if you have a sweet table, or consider custom Luncheon Napkins for a dessert table. Typically, a custom cloth napkin will be ideal for your guests attending the dinner.  Your event will be extra meaningful and unforgettable if you use the proper amount and match the perfect theme!

Semi-Casual Gatherings

You will need two to three Beverage Napkins per guest for beverages/cocktails and canapés at events such as Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Birthdays, or Anniversaries. What better way to make each one unique? Of course, you can personalize them to match your occasion! If you are serving a sit-down meal, you can provide one bespoke Luncheon, Dinner, or Guest Towel size napkin per guest for the meal. Remember, the perfect number of napkins with a touch of personalization makes your event stand out from the crowd!

Casual Events

We recommend ordering two to three custom Beverage Napkins per guest for these types of events, such as Picnics, Backyard Parties, Pool Parties, Bar-B-Ques, or Family Holidays. If you have a special drink and dessert table, add one additional Beverage Napkin for each guest, or use a Luncheon Napkin for the dessert table. If you’re serving a meal, personalized napkins in large quantities will assist keep the wine and dine flowing. For the ultimate elevation, combine all customizations with the appropriate theme and place them in an adequate amount.

Cocktail Receptions

Cocktail parties can benefit from bespoke Beverage Napkins per attendee because these events typically include heavy appetizers and beverages throughout the evening. If you’re serving a dessert table or passing sweets, add one or two extra napkins or get one or two bespoke Luncheon Napkins for each guest. Custom cloth napkins work even better because the continuous drinks popping causes spills all over. The clothing quickly absorbs spills and, with customization, they get the job done in style!

Special Note

If you are serving appetizers,  your servers can pass out a custom napkin each time an appetizer is served. If you are providing appetizer stations, make sure that custom logo napkins are provided at each one. It does not only boosts your brand image but also helps gain customer loyalty.

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