Promotional goodies for Chinese New Year

Chinese and other nationalities celebrate the Lunar Year. Because the Lunar New Year is still a big occasion worldwide, incorporating some promotional marketing ideas can help. Unlike traditional New Year’s celebrations, the Chinese New Year has no set date. It is based on the lunar calendar. It measures time as it moves through the moon’s cycle. Although many people participate in the holiday and its traditions, some also prepare their celebrations. They use the holiday to unwind from work and congregate with friends or family for dinner.

Ready to get started with your promotional marketing campaign? If not, we have cherry-picked some customizable goodies that can help you plan for successful Chinese New Year promotions!



Don’t be caught out in the heat when celebrating Chinese New Year or the summer holidays. Our Personalized Hand Fans are ideal for keeping cool during the hot summer months and – when printed with your design, make an excellent budget giveaway and gift items during the Lunar New Year celebrations! We personalize each fan with your custom design, making them ideal for distribution at festivals, expos, university events, community festivities, and any other event you can imagine! These personalized fans will keep your recipients cool while also displaying your logo for all to see.



Beautifully adorned custom Lunar Coming Year red envelopes encourage gifting and good fortune in the new year. Custom envelopes, traditionally given to folks so that they can fill them with an even amount of money to give to someone, are one of the season’s most popular items. We can even provide these promotional products in bulk with the decoration of your logo design. You can distribute them during your workplace Chinese New Year celebrations, to consumers who shop with you, or even to event participants who visit your stand! These magnificent and unforgettable products will be well-received at any grand event.



Sure, promotional products are popular and have a lot of possibilities for branding and marketing, but why would you choose custom printed pens? The reason is simple: they are the most popular promotional product on the planet, and marketing with branded pens is a one-of-a-kind approach to raise brand awareness and produce a product that genuinely embodies what your company stands for.

You will be able to establish a loyal consumer base using printed pens. Giving them away during the Lunar New Year celebrations could be the ultimate marketing move! People will not only remember your brand, but they will also come to you for all of their needs in your niche. They will remember you as a high-quality business that pays attention to details once you give them your top-grade custom branded pens! If you choose the perfect model and perform the branding correctly, your printed pens will be in most people’s line of sight most of the time.



With the Spring/Summer trade show season in full gear, it’s worth noting that nothing beats a custom-made flash drive that matches the concept of your product or logo as a superb booth traffic builder.

Not to mention, custom USB flash drives are an excellent marketing tool for your Chinese New Year event! When all sales material, product specifications, and videos are uploaded, it can replace laborious and bulky paper brochures and folders (man, those are heavy to lug around!). Give your consumers a fantastic promotional item that will generate thousands of brand impressions, as well as all of your company information and promotional content – all in one easy and small device!



Since ancient times, the Lunar New Year has been the most important holiday in East Asian culture, including China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. People will decorate their homes, hold family parties, and participate in various featured activities throughout this occasion. People will dress up especially for these occasions to welcome a new year with new beginnings.

On Lunar New Year’s Eve, you’ll need a unique and fashionable shirt to see relatives or go out with friends. You can select the most appropriate design for the custom t-shirt to enjoy a joyful new year! A custom tee with a heartfelt greeting will be an excellent alternative for you to show your love to everyone! We believe that wearing a fortunate red shirt will ensure that you have a happy and fulfilling new year. In every Lunar New Year, as per the legend, people lit up firecrackers to ward off evil spirits. They still follow this ritual to say goodbye to the previous year and hello to the new. A gorgeous custom firecracker shirt will offer you a terrific New Year’s look. It also assists you in paying homage to this meaningful festival’s custom!

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