Getting Fiesta Ready For Cinco De Mayo

Respect the occasion!

Mexican culture is quite beautiful and filled with riveting history. When the Mexican Civil War ended in 1915, many Mexicans came to the United States to start new lives. And they bought along their traditions, customs, holidays. Now Americans began to observe some of them. Over the years, Cinco De Mayo has become a widely celebrated holiday in the United States. Even if Mexican culture is all about sharing, it is necessary to know about the holiday appropriately so as not to disrespect any aspect of the occasion. Many people make the mistake of thinking that Cinco De Mayo is about celebrating independence, but it is about remembering the victory in 1862 over the French forces of Napoleon III. 

Set the table for your guests!

A big part of Cinco De Mayo is having people over to enjoy a big spread of food and drinks. Whether you come from a Mexican household or not, you should prepare if you are planning on bringing guests on this holiday. You could decorate the house with colorful décor and bring out fancy dinnerware. To help everyone stay neat while dining and drinking, you could get napkins and custom coasters. Our website offers a variety of coasters in various materials, such as pulp board, paper, cork, silicone, and plastic.

Have fun with drinks!

Cinco De Mayo is unofficially known to be a cocktail day. There are many variations of drinks that you can make at home if you would like to avoid going out to busy bars on this day. A fun way to spend the holiday with the adult members of your family is to look up different cocktail recipes and make them together. But of course, you will need the proper drinkware to enjoy the delicious concoctions. You could get custom shot glasses from our website that are now available in new color options. We also have different sizes available for our shot glasses.

Celebrate with kindness!

Instead of celebrating yourself, you could support various local Mexican businesses on Cinco De Mayo. Many local Mexican restaurants go all out in preparing delicious food on this holiday. So, you could go to one of these places for a meal rather than dining out in an expensive place. You could get your Mexican friends some presents appropriate for Cinco De Mayo. We have custom coolies on our website that you can personalize for your friends! These coolies fit 12oz standard and 12oz slim size cans. Browse around to find many different materials available in our collection of personalized coolies.

Learn more about Mexican culture!

Mexicans are known for their warm welcomes, fun traditions, and great hospitality. As we have celebrated Cinco De Mayo for years, the least we could do is to learn about their history and culture. We have information about Mexican traditions and their significance in the palm of our hands. Going to Mexican art museums and galleries is another way to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Do your research and observe the significant and colorful holiday appropriately!

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