Love the 90s and love beverages?

If you’re a millennial and have had toys such as the Tamagotchi, Stretch Armstrong, Furbys, and Pogs, then you remember slap bracelets! Hearing these bracelets slapping onto wrists is an old and shared memory. Most kids used to have fun slapping bracelets on themselves or their friends. Unfortunately, many states and schools banned slap bracelets for potential hazards in the early 90s. But what if we told you we revived it for your drinks instead? It is now safer, still fun, and can insulate your drinks. 

Yes, our Full-Color Slap Wrap Can Sleeves are the descendants of the iconic slap bracelets. The only purpose of the bracelet was to be on your wrist, but the snap sleeves can now keep your drinks hot or cold for longer! Our slap-wrapped can sleeves will speak to any drink-loving millennial’s nostalgia! Available in nine product colors for simple ordering, but you can fully customize the full slap can-cooler from edge to edge. You can relive your memories by uploading vintage patterns and designs. We also have many pre-designed templates that you can choose as well. The slap can cooler sleeves are made of 5mm thick neoprene to ensure durability and longevity. Now that we have introduced our custom slap wrap can sleeves, let’s talk about how to use these slap sleeves.

Slap Wrap Can Sleeves for All Occasions!

For Parties:

Slap Wrap Can Coolers are great for keeping your canned beverages cold in hot weather or insulating your hands while holding a cold can of soda or beer. For our millennial customers, you should host a 90s theme party! The 90s are returning on trend, so why not throw a nostalgia party and invite all of your fellow 90s-kid friends? Everything can be reminiscent of that period, from the dress code to the décor to the food items. As your guests soak up all the nostalgia after entering your party, you can give out our custom slap wrap can sleeves as party favors just to hit them with another wave! 

For Marketing:

They also make great giveaways at summertime parties and other events. The slap wrap can-sleeves are also great promotional products. Fourth of July, Halloween, or New Year’s Eve are huge holidays where drinking is prominent, and you could advertise through this unique slap-wrap can koozie! You can personalize the can sleeves with catchy phrases for each event to attract customers! Make your brand name and logo visible while customizing these can sleeves. 

For Gifts:

The custom-wrapped can sleeves are great as presents too! The slap wrap koozies make the perfect Christmas stocking stuffers because of their size. You could personalize the sleeves with Christmas designs and messages too! You could get our custom slap-wrapped koozie for your friends on their birthdays or add them to party favor bags. They make for excellent simple but thoughtful gifts. 

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