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The unjust incident back in early 2020 blacked out the entire world, so some light will be much appreciated by everyone. And even though the spotlight has been shown upon some unjust police officers, we see countless others tiring themselves for civilians’ well-beings. Not to mention, the elections are coming, so people should be putting in educated votes. We have some campaign coolies that might help regarding these cases.

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Not everyone is up for flamboyancy, some people would like to do things without drawing too much attention. If you are one of those people, who would rather not go out and protest wrongdoings or advocate your beliefs, then our campaign coolies can be exactly what you are looking for. You might be out on a run and have some drinks with you. Our Black Lives Matter coolies can keep your drinks cold until you take a break and work as subtle posters against racism. If everyone in your office is feeling unsure about the defensive force that is supposed to serve and protect all, you could get some Blue Lives Matter coolies, hand them out to the employees as company swag and remind them that there are many good police officers out there. We also have coolies for both Trump and Biden that you can give to your friends to help them choose a favorable candidate and make a difference to the nation.