Political Can Coolers

Voting after making an educated decision is rather important; almost as important as helping others to do the same and showing support for your candidate. You will find that we have a large variety of political coolies that you can choose from for your personal use or to gift someone.

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Trump Pence 2020 Can Coolers

The question “Who did you vote for?” never tend to cease around political season. Instead of sounding like a broken record, you can opt for something far better: political coolies. Our collection has different designs, so you can take your time in choosing one to your preference. If your friends are also tired of straining their voices, you can buy some for them too as these political coolies make for the ideal gift to those who enjoy drinks and election season equally. You could also buy these in bulk, put these on for sale for campaign fundraisers and see that they sell out fast. The coolies are made from standard polyurethane foam that keep your drinks cold and prevent condensation. The designs are screen-printed on, so they come out looking crystal clear.