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Uplifting News: Boy Donates Savings

We have the privilege of producing millions of products for countless awareness and fundraising campaigns across the country. Whether it’s for a single person fighting cancer or a broad societal problem like domestic violence, all of these campaigns reflect something good about the human spirit.  That’s why we’ve decided to start a new segment on the blog: Uplifting News. We hope to share stories of inspiration and kindness with our customers, since they have shared so many of their own stories with us.

In the aftermath of the horrendous attacks in Paris, finding any uplifting news is a powerful testament to our ability to persevere. There have been many cases of communities, religious groups, and even entire nations coming together to support France and denounce the pathetic terrorist group behind the attacks. Unfortunately, many people have also turned their attention towards innocent Muslims. Hate crimes are being reported all over the globe, but even then, there are still positive, uplifting stories to be found.

Jack Swanson, one generous 7-year-old

One such story is that of Jack Swanson, a 7-year-old boy from Pflugerville, Texas who recently donated his entire savings account to a mosque that had been vandalized in what police are calling a hate crime. Granted, his savings piggy bank only contained $20, but as one of the mosque’s board members explained, “Jack’s $20 are worth $20 million to us because it’s the thought that counts.” You’re awesome Jack!

Many of our customers have ordered wristbands and other products in support of France. If you would like to make your own, visit us here.


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