And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt


A half-marathon is difficult enough, but runners in the Standard Chartered Bangkok Half-Marathon had to run an additional 4 miles over the normal 13-mile distance. The mishap was due to runners receiving incorrect instructions along the route. Many runners took to social media to voice their anger.

As an apology (and an awesome one, we think) the organizers decided to give free commemorative t-shirts to all 6000 of the runners who took part in the race, whether they completed the longer version or not. The shirts will read, “Finisher of the 27.6 km.” Organizers also released a statement admitting responsibility. They said they hope to use the t-shirts to apologize for their mistake, but also to honor those who soldiered on and finished despite the added miles.

marathon 2

The race took place through Bangkok’s historic district, crossing paths with the Grand Palace and many Buddhist temples. At least the extra running was scenic!

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