Support Preemie Awareness on World Prematurity Day


Considered as one of the serious health problems, the issue of premature birth should be addressed with attention. Statistics show that one  out of ten babies is born prematurely each year in the United States, which is 15 million babies around the world. The complications of prematurity  can lead to death, the estimate of which is 1 million each year. The preterm birth can also lead to disabilities in a lifetime, such as hearing or vision loss, cerebral palsy, or intellectual disabilities etc. For this reason, the World Prematurity Day is observed on November 17 around the world to raise awareness, education, and research is needed.

So, your organization can come forward to shed light on this issue and World Prematurity Day through community activities and advocacy. You can organize fundraising  events through our Custom Tote Bags which will help raise money to provide support for neonatal cases.



Since, children under age five are under the risk of health issues for preterm  birth, it is important to focus on improving neonatal research and training for doctors and nurses. Community support and research on long-term health problems of babies born prematurely, who will need support during their health crisis on their growth stages. This can be done through raising  enough funds on World Prematurity Day to pass on to the hospital who can utilize them. Encourage community members to purchase Custom T-Shirts to help reduce the financial burden for families having premature babies under neonatal care at the hospital.


Community people can raise enough funds on Prematurity Awareness Day for the medical support needed for preterm babies with fighting chances. Hence, it is the time to make the difference and provide support for the cause as parents, healthcare professionals, families, and researchers. Spreading information regarding the issue is also vital which can be done by distributing Custom Wristbands for everyone to wear throughout the community. This could also help gather support for the affected families who need  emotional, financial, and communal support.


Most people do not know that babies are born prematurely due to risk factors such as obesity, diabetes, smoking, and high blood pressure.  To highlight on the causes, you can organize seminars and workshops to bring awareness to the cause on World Prematurity Day. In the events, you can distribute Custom Buttons that everyone can wear for support.


Support groups and organizations can arrange local events and spread awareness through the distribution of Custom Brochures containing vital information on premature birth. This can be a good way to spread information publicly on World Prematurity Day and spread hope for the affected families.


Community clubs can also organize benefit walks and runs on World Prematurity Day where participants can be provided with Custom Hand Fans containing motivating slogans so that people are interested  in donating for the cause. Create a global movement by taking personal and community initiatives to wear purple following this year’s global theme, “Let them thrive!” Take a pledge to highlight respectful  care for the preterm babies this year on National Prematurity Day!


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