Reflect on Men’s Contributions at International Men’s Day


Focusing on the positive attitude towards men’s roles in the society, relationships, family, and childcare, the International Men’s Day is celebrated on November 19. The day was founded in 1999 at Trinidad and Tobago where issues like awareness on men’s health, discrimination, rights, gender relations, and men’s positive roles were the highlighting points. This event was supported by the UN where representatives from different organizations participated in discussing on gender equality, parenting, responsibility, and healthy life choices of men.

Creating awareness on promoting harmony and reflecting on men’s contributions and growth on the society are the main aims of this day. You can organize educational seminars and workshops at your community for young men to talk about these issues. Hang Custom Banners to attract attention of the crowd for the event.


This day is celebrated to aware everyone that if men work together with women, they can make development, economically, educationally, and scientifically. Group gatherings and workshops can giveaway Custom Wristbands for the occasion to commemorate the day.


The International Men’s Day highlight issues that needs to be addressed like domestic violence, gender equality, drug abuse, men’s health, and positive male roles. If discussed, all these challenges can be overcome focusing on this year’s theme, “Celebrate Men and Boys”. Men and boys from different backgrounds face discrimination in the society but refrain from talking about them. Celebrating men in all their diversity and raising awareness on such issues is therefore, important. Encouraging men to grow moustaches, the significant month-long charity “Movember” celebrates men’s contributions and achievements, where you can share cool drinks in our Custom Coolies with participants.


Celebrated over more than 60 countries, this day emphasizes on men’s role towards family, community, and childcare etc. On behalf of your organization, you can giveaway Custom Buttons for participants to wear street rallies, marches, runs, and benefit walks.


Inspiring men from all backgrounds to make a difference and appreciating their roles, this day celebrates the bond of humanity at festivals, conferences, seminars, and fundraisers. So, promote the day with motivating slogans in our Custom Hand Fans to men that will also publicize your event. Organize panel discussions, debates, stage performances, dramas, and art displays at educational institutions based on social issues that negatively impact young men and boys regardless of their background, race, religion, and ethnicity.


Encourage men to live decent lives by promoting positive male role models and inviting them to speak at seminars. Promoting motivating messages through Custom T-Shirts at these events will help men realize their full potentials to create a safe and better society.


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