7 Ways to Use Customized Yard Signs

Top 7 Ways to Use Customized Yard Signs

Yard signs are straightforward with their purpose—they’re there to tell people that someone is either selling something, or campaigning. But did you know there is more to the simple yard sign than meets the eye? Yard signs can also serve so many more purposes, and all you have to do is think creatively!

In this article, Imprint.com will show you seven different ways customized yard signs can come in handy. Who says they can only do one thing? Read on, and get inspired!


1. Do some yard work

Yard WorkDead grass and weeds got your yard looking less than perfect? Speed up the drying process of grass and use old yard signs! Lay your yard signs over certain spots—this prevents sunlight from nourishing the grass and weeds further, making it easier to pull out. This way you won’t have to spend precious time watching grass grow—literally!


2. Use as backdrop for plays

Yard sign as backdrop for playsIf your you or your kids have a stage presentation coming up, use custom yard signs as your backdrop! Not only is it more convenient, it also makes a whole lot less of a mess. Say goodbye to slaving over a stage backdrop and getting your clothes stained with spots of paint. BONUS: After the play, you can turn the yard signs into more things you can use in the future!


3. Support your tote bags

Using tote bags nowadays is the more earth-friendly way to pack groceries and shopped goods, but it isn’t exactly the most secure, as tote bags can rip through time. Use cut-outs from old yard signs to secure the bottoms of your totes! A word of caution: be careful cutting up the yard signs, as they are more stubborn than plain cardboard. Once your tote bags are secure, not even grabby hands can damage them!


4. Make birdhouses

Yard Sign as BirdhouseIf you’re the crafty sort, you’ll absolutely love this step! Take a couple of old customized yard signs, some zip ties and nails, and create little birdhouses with them. You won’t have to spend a cent on expensive birdhouses, and all you need to make them might just be in your good old shed! A lovely bonus to this is the beautiful birdsong that’ll wake you up every morning once your little friends start using the birdhouse.


5. Effective branding for sales and campaigns

Yard Sign as Effective branding for sales and campaignsOf course, customized yard signs can be used first and foremost for sales and campaigns. Selling some old stuff, or offering the lot? What about a home owners’ campaign? Customized yard signs can serve as a good advertising tool as well as mini-billboards for your cause.


6. Use as a dustpan

Yard Sign as DustpanHere’s another project for all the craft-lovers out there! For old and used yard signs, you can repurpose them as dustpans. Again, all you need are in your shed and toolbox—all it takes is a day, some wood or plastic for the handle, and some elbow grease to make one! Less spending on household items, and more DIY!


7. Plant and vine support

Yard Sign as Plant and Vine SupportFor those with green thumbs, we all know that growing our own produce requires so much more than just a plot of land, sun, and water. Sometimes, our plants and vines need support too! Use old yard signs for climbing plants to crawl along, and as stands for those plants with weaker stems. Give

your old signs new life… by supporting life as well!


At Imprint.com, we make sure that our printed goods are made with your needs and wants in mind. Whether it’s customized yard signs, mugs, lanyards, to even bridesmaid’s robes, you can be sure we craft it with care and consideration. And if you have no idea what you want? That’s absolutely no problem! Imprint.com has the coolest design ideas or whatever cause you can think of. So for quality printed goods, trust Imprint.com.


Additional Tips:

  • Place yard signs on top of grass that will leave dead grass and weeds that are easier to pull
  • Use as backdrop or cutout material for projects with spray paint on
  • Cut on signs to use as bottom support for tote bags
  • Use cutout yard sign to use as dustpan for collecting debris
  • Used signs can be used at target holders for shooting
  • Create birdhouses with used signs using zip ties
  • Effective branding for local sales and political campaigns
  • Metal stakes can be used for supporting plants in the gardens

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