Six Kinds of Keychains and How To Use Them

6 Kinds of Keychains and How To Use Them

Have you ever wanted to get a keychain for a specific purpose, but you weren’t sure what to get? Ever get confused by the different kinds because there are just so many in the market? Don’t fret! This article will enumerate the different kinds of keychains, and how one can use them. will make sure you get your keychain know-how, and who knows! Maybe it might inspire you to get one customized for yourself. Read on!


1. Blank Keychains

Blank KeychainsThe blank keychain is the most versatile of them all—it can go from being a simple label, to serving as a mini-billboard for your company logos and branding. Blank keychains can be made of plastic or metal, which means personalizing them will be a breeze with a good printing company. Bonus: Blank keychains come in a rainbow of colors, so turning them into customized keychains will surely be fun! Use them as promotional items at events, simple gifts at gatherings, or keep one handy!


2. Dog Tags

Dog Tag KeychainDog tags are one of the cooler accessories nowadays! Getting one customized and turned into a keychain, or have an awesome logo printed on it and turn it into a kitschy pendant. Dog tags have been primarily used by soldiers in the army for identification, but now it can be used as a name tag for your keys and small items that you need daily. You can gift your loved ones their own personalized tags and have yours match their set!


3. Carabiners

Carabiners KeychainCarabiners are useful in any situation, especially when you’re headed on an outdoors trip. Having these on a keychain just might make you the MVP at campsites with how functional they are. Carabiners can be used for securing tents and bags, and they can also maximize your key holder’s potential. Take it with you on a hiking trip, or even to a beach outing. You can also get it customized and make more of them for your family or squad to match!


4. Pet Name Tags

Pet Name TagsFido can get a little adventurous, so what’s a concerned dog owner to do? Have a pet name tag customized! That way, you’ll never have to worry about losing your beloved pup while you’re out for a stroll or a run. Get your information (name, home address, and contact number) printed along with your pet’s name to ensure their safety. It doesn’t matter if you have a dog or a cat—heck, you can even have a crocodile! Pet name tags are a useful accessory for your furry friends. It can also be a cute reminder of them you can take with you wherever you go!


5. Utility Keychains

Utility KeychainsUtility keychains come in many forms like mini-army knives, nail cutters, small tool sets, and bottle openers. These kinds of keychains are great because they can be used at any event, and they make snazzy gifts as well! Imagine rolling up to a party with your utility keychain—you’ll certainly be remembered as the person who helped get the party going! Get your utility keychains customized, use them for promo materials, or keep them as is—either way, you’ll still have tools handy by your side, or should we say, pocket!


6. Luggage Tags

Luggage TagsLuggage tags can be a chic and useful addition to your key holder roster. Aside from acting like a larger, more accessible nametag, luggage tags can also help you identify your stuff at a crowded airport. Get yours customized with bright colors to make it extra-easy to spot among the myriad of luggage and bags! Better yet—make a matching set and use for all your bags, from your purse to your duffel bag!


With, you won’t have to worry about which kind of keychain you’re going to get. We have a selection of ready-made and customizable items for you and yours! With your ideas and our top-notch printing, you can say goodbye to printing goods worries. And it’s not just with different kinds of keychains—you can get your lanyards, shot glasses, and even cigar cutters done at, as well! We craft with care and consideration for the ones with discerning (and budget-savvy) eyes. Get inspired, get printed!

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