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Custom Coffee Sleeve: New Product Highlight

Standing out from the crowd in today’s age of on-demand marketing and fast-paced consumerism can be difficult. Personalized cup sleeves provide a unique advertising opportunity to reach many individuals with different graphics and messages. The custom cup sleeves display long-lasting messages and build relationships between your brand and your customers.

Custom Cup sleeves are a solution for your customers to enjoy their coffee and keep their hands cool. We can help you make an informed decision regarding the different types of custom cup sleeves!

Promo Value of a Custom Coffee Sleeve

Consider premium coffee sleeves to be miniature billboards that your customers will carry with them everywhere they go, giving your company more exposure and impressions by providing a superior, more visible branding opportunity!

Our Custom Premium Embossed Natural Kraft Cup Sleeves and Custom Premium Embossed White Cup Sleeves are two products that come to your ultimate rescue! These Embossed Premium Cup Sleeves are a must-have for restaurants and cafés who want to highlight new drinks, cocktails or hand out their best-selling items. The cup sleeves come made from imported quality corrugated paperboard. They will ensure that your restaurant or cafe’s logo and name stand out and add that extra flair as customers continue to slurp down your new drinks!

Everything is better with a splash of colors! 

Most often overlook coffee sleeves, particularly when it comes to new product promotion. Your coffee sleeve will display your company’s logo or even future promotions/events your business may be having. You can print your design in full color or one color. 

Our full-color kraft paper sleeves come in all sizes, making it the ideal promotional goodie according to your desired needs! The sleeves come in sizes 12/16/20/24 Oz to match your need, whether it’s for your tiny cafe or to provide exciting new beverages at your restaurant! Whether your consumer leaves it on a table for passers-by to view or a cup is shared among coworkers, the fully colored cup sleeve will prominently display your logo on its sleeve. With the perfect artwork and matching themed colors, your consumers may even keep your sleeve as a memento or other keepsake!

It’s always best to keep it traditional!

Custom cup sleeves can do more than displaying your logos. Many restaurants and coffee shops use their sleeve design to promote new items. Whether you want to showcase a promotion or new product, helpful information can be printed on the custom coffee sleeves. You can also include some amusing facts about the drinks for your guests’ enjoyment!

This traditional cylindrical sleeve will keep your customers hands comfy while they hold their cold or hot drink. Thanks to these handy little goodies, businesses can safeguard their customers and save money by not buying pricey double-insulated cups. They function as fantastic promotional items, putting your brand in the hands of every client!

Our Custom Cup Sleeves are also a fantastic way to promote your restaurant, coffee shop, catering business, or food truck. They will act as tiny billboards to let everyone know where to get that exact cup of drink! And, they’re a great promotional product for corporate events, charity events, or any other place serving exciting beverages.

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