Halloween is an excuse for youngsters to stock up on candy, stay out past dark, and pretend to be whoever (or whatever) they want to be for a few hours! Adults have the same rights as children, with the added privilege of imbibing a few festive cocktails while entertaining friends and family for a fabulously terrifying Halloween bash! So, it’s time to prepare for a hair-raising good time with our Halloween costume ideas!

Time for the ultimate spooky makeover! 

Custom Clothing

It is that time of the year again, lads and ghouls! Halloween is slowly creeping upon us. Do you have your costume planned out? Are you ready for the Trick-or-Treaters? Will you be attending any Halloween parties this year? Well, I guess we heard you right! Create your own unique custom clothing to make one epic custom for your little one to enjoy and toddle around while treat or tricking for his favorite candies!

Halloween costumes are outfits that quite literally build up a large part of your little one’s childhood. Making it up to the notch is the least you can do! So, why choose us? Well, our assortment of custom clothing comes in all sizes and colors for men, women, and children! If it is your toddler’s first-time trick or treating, you have got to make it extra special! And personalized clothing helps you achieve exactly that. Our custom clothing with the bright spooky colors and artworks handpicked by you is just what you want and will leave a haunting impression! Create custom outfits that will leave significant impressions with an array of styles and leave your children and yourself cherishing this year’s Halloween for years!

Custom Hats

While hats are typically a thoughtful and functional part of the attire, there is one occasion when they make it with your outfit for pure enjoyment: Halloween! Rather than pulling a ready-made costume from a store rack, let us help you personalize your very own custom hat to conquer the Halloween season. Allow your creativity to kick in to help you build the perfect disguise with these personalized cap capabilities!

Our custom hats are available in different fits and styles. For instance, if your kid is going for a Madhatter costume this year, our custom hat will work as a perfect takeback on this colorful costume by incorporating a mix of Victorian-style patterns with a quirky design. If tumbleweeds, saloons, gunfights, and fast horses are your thing, or you just like the way you look in a western hat, we’ve got you covered as well! Take charge, and put on a custom Halloween costume hat that will show that you’re the new law in town. All you’ll need is a western hat, shirt, pants, belt, gun holster – and don’t forget that shiny gold star!

Custom Pin Buttons 

Pin buttons originally came for campaigns and large celebrations such as Queen Victorias 60th birthday. And, as Halloween festivities include being outside for the majority of the time, whether for a couple’s party or your child’s trick-or-treating activities, it’d be a good idea to get something as light as our custom pin buttons. 

It could simply be the finishing touch to your fantastic costume, whether it be Flo from progressive or Napoleon’s vote for Pedro. Making a Halloween costume from scratch can be tricky, and wearing store-bought ones will not quite bring your originality. Regardless of a custom text or your given artwork, the result on these buttons will make sure your costume is the night’s hit!

In addition to your scary Halloween costume designs, you can explore our website to create the ultimate spooky custom pin buttons for your business! From scary monsters to pumpkin designs, we can help turn all of your imagination into a splendid reality! You can design the buttons for your employees at pop-up haunted houses or even your shop. 

Turn it up with the best eerie favors! 

Custom Balloons

Nothing screams fun like balloons, and for your Halloween decorations, it is no different. Whether you’re throwing a party, want to add some haunting spirit to a table, or want to make your front door pop with love for Autumn, balloons are an inexpensive and unique way to say it! Friendly and frightening Halloween custom balloons set the scene for a spook-titular party! Give any space a cheery haunt with custom balloons paired with high-flying witches, ghosts, bats & skeletons—no bones about it!

Instead of hustling around looking for the perfect balloon that best fits your Halloween decoration or even the clown costume your kid decided to pull off, you should consider custom balloons. Put your newfound balloon skills to work by creating a ghost balloon centerpiece, get the idea generated, and our team will make that happen! If your kid decides to disguise Pennywise this year, a devil red custom balloon imprinted with the clown’s shadow photo is a must-have!

Custom Tote Bags 

Trick or treating is the ultimate show stopper in Halloween celebrations, and we are counting down to the big day when costumed kiddos eagerly set out to score hoards of Halloween candy while doing it. So why not create a custom tote bag for your youngster to rock with the spot-on Halloween outfit created? Well, we hear you, and we bring you our wide selection of custom tote bags!

Starting from the little one’s Little Red Riding Hood costume to a funky henchman costume, our customizable tote bags allow you to get everything and anything printed on them with bright hues and designs! So, no time to waste! Shuffle through the vast selection, select your perfect fit, and create a masterpiece of an addition to the outfit!

Custom Face Masks

Halloween will look slightly different this year as we practice proper social distancing guidelines and wear cloth face masks with our DIY Halloween costumes. This season, grab a festive face mask to accompany your Halloween costume—or even more creatively incorporate a custom mask into your  outfit! Even though your kids might not be going door-to-door or bobbing for apples, you can still go all-out for Halloween night!

With our choices of custom masks, you can practice safety in style this season! If you want a traditional Halloween print, have your mask personalized with vibrant orange and pumpkin colors. Made of quality and reusable material, it’s ideal for any Halloween activities or themes you have planned!

While we don’t yet know what trick-or-treating will look like this year, we’re guessing it won’t happen as casual—but you can still make Halloween fun for little ones! Get your custom outfit favors and designs that we offer, or better yet, let your kids run through their concepts of the ideal Halloween outfit this year!                                                   

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