Custom Summer Face Masks


With recent events still requiring a face mask, everyone is burning through their supply of disposable masks. The one-time-use masks are generally made for doctors, physicians and patients to prevent transference of body fluids. If these masks' stocks keep diminishing, hospitals will keep running out of them and face crises during medical emergencies. To preserve medical masks for healthcare professionals and invalids, it is advised that civilians to wear reusable masks during their daily activities. Our collection of custom masks has quite a variety of styles and fabrics. One advantage of these masks is that you can choose your own mask design, either from the pre-designed templates or by uploading original artworks.

Popular Uses: Even in these social-distancing times, various errands need attending. Have to go to the bank? Need to grab some groceries for the week? Need to refill your car's gas tank? That is where our custom-made masks come in handy. Whenever you will have to go outside, make sure you wear your custom face mask. With our personalized face masks, you could get ones that go with daily outwear. Since it has almost been a year since the viral pandemic started, many offices and businesses have opened up to keep the level of the nation's economy stable. But it is imperative to maintain proper health regulations in the workplace. To protect your employees and staff protected, you could make custom masks online, have them delivered to the office and hand them out to everyone. Our user-friendly custom mask maker interface will help you create custom masks for larger occasions as well. There are the holidays: Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, etc. 

Holidays are hardly ever fun if they are spent by yourself. However, given the current circumstances, it is best to celebrate them with a minimal number of guests and appropriate safety precautions. You could get custom face masks that go with the theme of the holidays from our wide assortment. Last but not least, many families took a hit due to this pandemic. That is why many NGOs and charity organizations have held donation and fundraising runs to support those in dire need. Events like these will have crowds of some degree due to participants, organizers, volunteers and observers. You could give out custom mouth masks to everyone in these events for safety purposes.

Design Suggestions: If you are looking for casual designs for your masks that go well with what you regularly wear, you could check out our pre-designed templates that have been some of our hot-selling items. The galaxy custom-printed masks have been quite popular along with the lip designs. You could choose the custom premium adjustable masks for professional environments, print your company's logo as the custom mask design, and give it to your staff members. You could also use them for brand promotions by giving them to potential business clients. For weddings, you could print "His" for the groom's side, "Hers" for the bride's side along with some matching background designs and give them to the guests when you send out the invitation packages. We also have custom made masks for the holidays: American Flag masks for Fourth of July and skull masks and glow in the dark masks for Halloween. You can also print personalized and original designs that best fit your Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's party décor. For example, you could have an orange background and "Let's Dig In!" for a custom Thanksgiving mask. You could use red and green colors to customize your Christmas mask. For New Year's, you could use confetti designs for your custom mouth mask. If you make designs for masks for donation and fundraising runs, keep the customization minimalistic and straightforward. The screen-printed reusable masks would be an ideal choice for this purpose. Short social distancing messages, icons or just the host organization's logo would be enough when you create custom masks.

Product Material: All the masks that we sell are for civilian use only. Only patients, doctors and physicians will get priority in accessing the medical-grade supplies. Our masks are made to be used as standard daily protection, not for medical uses. We have six categories of personalized face masks that you can choose from based on your purpose: 100% cotton three-layer fabric, screen-printed reusable soft fabric, custom printed reusable, custom reusable fabric lightweight, custom premium adjustable fabric, and glow in the dark masks. The materials vary based on the type of masks, but cotton and polyester are the common denominators. All the masks are intended for regular use, so they are relatively easy to wash and can last quite a few laundry cycles.