Although you may be aware of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, not everyone realizes its true significance. October is all about putting money into your chest and showing love to all the bosoms in the world. We devote the month of October  to all women. While the primary goal is to raise awareness and funds, it is also about demonstrating love and support for women; Women who are facing breast cancer, have previously battled breast cancer, have lost their struggle against breast cancer. There are so many exciting ways you can help raise awareness for Breast Cancer this month. You can choose from many products for this awareness month of October!  

Custom Yard Signs

Yard signs, banners, and flags are an effective way to get your message out there. These signs are accessible and are ideal for any event. Whether you want to show support for a loved one fighting cancer or celebrate frontline health care workers for their selfless dedication throughout the year, our custom yard signs make you achieve all that at one go! They are also customizable to make your message personal and impactful at the same time! You can use yard signs as part of your decoration. They will keep your warriors in a positive mood and show off how tough they’ve been on the battlefield.  

You can also utilize custom yard signs to raise awareness, spark social movements, and encourage them to become involved!

Custom Pin Buttons

Remember that raising awareness is the first step toward catching the disease before it’s too late. Breast cancer affects around 1 in every eight women, or 12%, at some point in their lives. Wear your pink with pride, urge your friends and family to get tested, and help spread awareness with our custom pin buttons! October not only offers you a platform to educate others but also allows you to commemorate or remember those who have won or lost against breast cancer. And our fully customized pins can help you do just that!

Inform, educate, honor, and raise funds with custom pins. These personalized pins made to hand out as ideal giveaways for support group members can make them feel united and appreciated for their efforts. These pins will surely raise attention to breast cancer support and research when worn in a visible location. 

Custom Silicone Wristbands

If you’ve ever attended or planned a charity event, you’re probably familiar with awareness wristbands. Our custom wristbands are not only a terrific fundraising tool for your event, but they are also a great way to show support!  

Many organizations, employers, and schools utilize custom wristbands as freebies to demonstrate support for breast cancer patients in their community. Our wristbands are available in different styles and designs, including plastic, Tyvek®, and rubber. The most common, however, appear to be those made of silicone. These custom wristbands are a terrific method to unite supporters at awareness events and are most commonly worn during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October by survivors celebrating the lives of loved ones touched.

Custom Tote Bags 

From the iconic pink ribbon breast cancer symbol to your organization’s personalization, our custom tote bags will get your message out there in the most exciting manner! 

Give these totes with a purpose as prizes to committed participants and helpers at fundraisers, walks, or races. You can also provide carryall bags or totes at your events so that attendees can hold the breast cancer awareness handouts.

With so many bags to pick from, our custom totes are ideal for spreading awareness, promoting your services, and showing support. Whether you’re looking for a lunch cooler, shopper tote, handled event bag, or drawstring bags, spread the cause with these bags in pink and many other artworks and designs. Our custom totes can feature awareness messages that stress the fight for a cure, celebrate the survivors, and much more so you can get the word out about your care for the cause on the go!

Custom Styrofoam Cups 

Awareness runs are large-scale physical events broadcasted on television, reported by the news, and shared on social media. The goal is to raise as much exposure as possible, you can consider additional marketing tools that benefit your cause. Our custom Foam Cups can serve to both energize and raise awareness among your participants. You can easily personalize these cups with Breast Cancer Awareness messages, congratulate the survivors, or even add different health tips! For a cause as such, people attending your event or promotional runs will appreciate it even more if they were given these cups as participation rewards. It does not only help enhance unity amongst them but keeps them aware of the challenges and successes of cancer as such!

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