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Blank Styrofoam Cups

Foam Cups are sturdier than paper cups. Thus, they prove to be a better option for people looking for disposable yet well-built cups. With our custom Foam Cups, you could hand out cold water to your awareness run participants. You could also serve your party guests with our personalized Foam Cups by bulk ordering them so that they do not run out quickly. If your company has a tradeshow exhibition, you can give refreshments while advertising these custom foam cups.

Popular Uses: With countless diseases taking thousands of lives every day, it is essential to keep one's health checked. It is also necessary to make everyone else aware of their health. The most effective way of doing that is by arranging an awareness event covered by news and posted about on social media. It could involve any kind of physical activity like running, jogging, bicycling, etc. If you are arranging for such an event, make sure to prepare refreshments for the participants. Get some custom Foam Cups online, from our website, for your participants.

On a lighter note, if you are arranging a casual yet large party, you will be needing to prepare food and drinks surrounding the set occasion. Since it is a casual party, you would not necessarily want to use your fancy dinnerware and drinkware. Not to mention, for the number of people at a large party, it would be easier for you if you had disposable plates and cups. As you will be serving chilled drinks mostly, you would probably want something other than paper or plastic cups. Our foam cups will allow your guests to hold their cold brews comfortably.

Moving on from parties to work, let us talk about tradeshow exhibitions. It is an ample public space teeming with people at different places. The entire purpose of holding company exhibits is to get a lot of advertising and positive exposure. Say your company has signed a deal with a client with a brand-new product out in the market, it is business etiquette to hold an exhibition for the item in question. Since there will be many potential business ventures and future clients, you should keep refreshment stations ready with our personalized foam cups. These custom Foam Cups can do a little bit of marketing themselves for you if you add your company logo and brand on them.

Design Suggestions: Awareness runs are all about large scale physical activities being broadcasted on TV, covered by news and reaching to people in social media. Since the purpose is to spread the word of awareness as much as possible, you will need to think of other marketing devices that can work in your organization's favor. Our personalized Foam Cups can help in both revitalizing your participants and spreading awareness. You can customize these foam cups by uploading an original design that includes your organization's name, what cause you are fighting and an inspirational health message.

For your big parties, if you have a color theme, you can incorporate those colors to be imprinted on your Foam Cups. Do note that we have only white as the base color for these custom foam cups. However, we do have Foam Cups with lids, which will prove to be extra useful. With these cups, your guests will avoid worrying about the cold temperature of the cup and spillage. The latter reason is also applicable for you as a host as you will not have to worry about cleaning spilled drinks after the party.

Marketing is the sole objective of a company for hosting tradeshow events. The new product needs to be the town's talk for the business venture to be successful. So, the marketing team of every company goes all out on banners to present the exhibition. They prop these up walls, outside the entrances and all around the convention hall. If you are in the marketing team, it would be wise to get some foam cups with lids and banners. Be sure to upload a clear image of the company logo and name to be imprinted on the custom Foam Cups so that they can work as mini banners.

Product Material: We have sizes ranging from 8 oz. to 32 oz. in our collection of personalized foam cups. All of them are made of high-quality Styrofoam with good insulation properties to protect your hands from cold or hot drinks. Each customization is screen-printed on to ensure maximum vivacity of the artwork. These custom Foam Cups are for one-time use only, work much better than paper ones and are more friendly to the environment than plastic ones.