Although the winter blues may set in in January, there is something to look forward to in February besides the Super Bowl: Groundhog Day is on February 2nd. We traced the origins of Groundhog Day back to Candlemas – an early Christian celebration celebrated on February 2nd. Candles were blessed and distributed on this day. Clear skies on Candlemas indicated a lengthy winter. The story expanded when the Candlemas tradition arrived in Germany.

Every year, we look forward to Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction. Phil will forecast whether we will see an early spring or a long winter. We have a 50% probability of enjoying an early spring, for which we should be rejoicing. But there’s a 50% possibility we’ll get six more weeks of winter? We’re going to need a party to get through this! Here are three Groundhog Day party suggestions for you to get started.

Dress up to have a good time!

By throwing a costume party, you will be able to lift your guests’ spirits after a long winter struggle. Take a cue from the residents of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, the United States’ groundhog capital. They go all out on Groundhog Day, donning top hats and tails to commemorate the occasion. If you want to keep things interesting, have your guests wear matching bespoke hats. Ask more outgoing visitors to dress up as groundhogs and gift them matching custom hoodies as a thank you gesture when they come! If you have creative and talented pals, give them custom t-shirts to get them started! They can now dress up for how they imagine the next six weeks will go with all of these unique items. Something snowy for the last six weeks of winter, or something sunny for an early spring!

Everyone loves some Sweet Treats!

There is a plethora of delicious ways to celebrate Groundhog Day! Welcome spring or another six weeks of winter with a unique custom chocolate box specifically for Groundhog Day! You can also include cupcakes with green icing topped with a chocolate groundhog cookie or a groundhog-shaped cookie springing out of a chocolate doughnut to represent Punxsutawney Phil peeking out to check his shadow!

Or, because it’s February, provide a chili buffet of green chili, black bean chili, and white bean chili to your guests. To make sure every mess gets cleaned up in style – get custom napkins! These napkins are available in various paper colors and vibrant foil colors to properly fit your theme! Printed napkins are a popular addition to all types of events. Not to add that printed napkins are a handy, amusing, and inexpensive event accessory. They’re also a great way to incorporate a theme or a pop of color into your event!

Keep the Drinks Popping!

A celebration isn’t complete without a Groundhog Day-inspired cocktail! Cocktails to keep you warm, such as an apple spiced bourbon toddy or a hot honey lemon with vodka, are ideal for pessimists who believe the weather is heading in the direction of six more weeks of winter. If you’re hoping for an early spring, try The Sun Also Rises Cocktail, packed up with citrus and brightness. You may even spice things up with a custom Stadium Cup to remind you of this day of bright nights on breezy porches gazing over your meticulously tended garden! To spice things up, even more, give out custom coasters as welcome presents to everyone who is wondering what weather to expect!

Groundhog Day is a terrific cause to celebrate, whether you’re looking forward to six more weeks of winter or an early spring!

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