Custom Party Must-Haves For Your Wedding or Next Event

Make the day special and personal!

Weddings are one of the most important events of one’s life. For the ceremony to be perfect, the bride and groom plan and prep everything for months. If you are getting married, you know that pressure and stress builds inside you over time, because there are many things to do! But, fear not, this blog will guide you through this journey and make the experience a lot easier. We have some wedding and event essentials that you can get from our website without having to look around town!

Liven the venue with some pops of color!

Every wedding has a theme, so that the venue can be decorated in a specific manner and color palette. After you have chosen your wedding theme, you need to pick flowers and balloons. You might get tired of visiting many flower shops or having florists come over to your place all day. To avoid further hassle, you can order custom balloons from our website! There are many varieties of balloons available in our collection. We offer different shapes, sizes and colors, so browse through them all to pick the perfect ones for your wedding!

Invite your friends and families in style!

Of course, love doesn’t need permission to stay with you, but weddings consolidate it. Saying your vows to the love of your life, in front of people who matter the most, makes your bond official. Preferably, you would want to invite your family, close relatives and close friends. You need to send out invitations so that people can RSVP and let you know of their arrival. We suggest that you order custom invitation cards from our website. This way, you can design the cards however you like and you don’t need to spend hours in looking for the perfect card.

Bring some elegance to the dining table!

Wedding dining tables are some of the most elaborately designed places in the whole venue. The bride and groom spend weeks looking for the perfect dinnerware, glassware, centerpieces, candles, napkins and tablecloth. If they find a good centerpiece, the plates might clash with it. They might find great napkins and tablecloths, but the candles they chose before may not go with it. It gets tiring and draining at one point. We have some pieces in our collection that you can go through in the comfort of your own home!

The best part is you can customize them to go with one another! First, we have custom matchboxes that you can personalize with your wedding theme. Your dining staff can light the candles with these matches and place them on the table. Then, we have custom coasters that will avoid any spilling on your beautiful tablecloth. And last, but certainly not least, we have custom napkins that you can monogram with your spouse’s and your initials. We recommend getting full color imprint or foil stamped napkins for weddings as they make the designs stand out more.

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