New Product Spotlight – Custom Poly Mailer Shipping Bags

Perfect for small business owners and shop owners on platforms like Etsy, Facebook marketplace, Shopify, etc. Poly mailer bags have grown in prominence in the e-commerce shipping business, and with good reason. Poly mailers are a cost-effective, lightweight, and durable alternative to cardboard boxes. They take up less room in carrier vehicles, lowering shipping expenses! Two of the priorities for businesses are to ensure your goods get to your customers safely and to reduce the costs of doing so. Poly mailers assist firms in accomplishing both!

If you’re looking for custom shipping bags, custom printed poly mailers are a terrific alternative because they set your business apart from the start. Wholesale poly mailers are our expertise if you require a large quantity! At four different-sized poly mailers, your options broadly expand as we can dedicate a custom production run just for you. It translates to custom color printing, full-bleed prints, and lower prices!

We offer the following sizes: 6 X 9 Inch Poly Mailer Shipping Bags, 7.5 X 12 Inch Poly Mailer Shipping Bag, 9 X 12 Inch Poly Mailer Shipping Bags, and 10 X 13 Inch Poly Mailer Shipping Bags

What exactly is a Custom Poly Mailer?

Poly mailers are lightweight plastic packaging envelopes constructed of moisture-resistant polyethylene, available in many of the world’s most extensively used plastic products. These plastic bags are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions. They provide high resistance to dust, tampering, and moisture, ensuring that your items reach your clients in perfect condition.

There are numerous methods for shipping products to customers, and cardboard boxes will continue to be the best packing for some products. However, there are several instances where custom poly mailers will be a much better and cheaper choice.

Personalize Poly mailers are great for mailing items such as clothing, shoes, books, toys, and other long-lasting goods to your customers’ homes!

How do they help?

They are reasonably priced.

The benefit of poly mailers for eCommerce merchants is lower delivery costs. You can keep them conveniently in warehouses due to their light weight and tiny size. Also. transportation is less expensive because they take up far less room than corrugated cartons.

They are more compact and lighter.

Poly mailers let you save space. As a result, they take up less room on transport trucks. Because of their lightweight and tiny size, they assist eCommerce retailers in lowering shipping costs when compared to cardboard boxes that include the dimensional weight aspect. On the other hand, poly mailers help reduce dimensional weight, reducing shipping costs for lightweight items that would otherwise take more space when shipped in a box.

They are simple to brand and personalize.

You can give your poly mailers a stylish design with personalized branding possibilities, just like boxes, and thrill your buyers with a terrific unwrapping experience. Including your logo, graphics, colors, and other branding components on custom poly mailers are much easier and less expensive than on boxes.

They are ideal for clothing delivery.

Poly mailers are ideal for shirts, footwear, and trousers – that are not breakable in transit. Cloth and fabric-based products such as beddings, face masks, samples, and yarn can also be shipped. This is the most cost effective method to ship your items while also creating a secure package.

They are ideal for health and beauty products.

Poly mailers are a great way to distribute health, beauty, and wellness products. Vitamins & supplements, cosmetics, and nutrition goods are all popular items in this area.We can help you brand and modify your poly mailers with customization that bears your imagery, logo, colors, and other custom branding materials!

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