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We love the holidays because of all the parties and festivities. Not only do people get to spend time with their friends and families, but they also get to have fun as a whole! In addition, who does not love a good birthday party or a wedding? Celebrating a close person’s important life events is both enjoyable and memorable. And you know everyone will dance and drink endlessly until the sun comes up! Other events like proms, school dances, and graduation ceremonies are rites of passage in every student’s life. Even if you have focused on nothing else but academics, you owe it to yourself to enjoy it once in a while. Missing out on these events at the golden age of your life might make you feel regretful later on. So, it is best to let loose sometimes! And we have the perfect custom decor and favors like custom invitations, custom cups, custom shot glasses, custom balloons, custom banners, and much more!

Send out attractive invitation cards!

No party is a party if there are no guests! One of the many aspects of a party is the people who celebrate it with you. So, you have got to invite people based on the event you are organizing. You were going to the store, picking out a card you like, sharing how you would like to customize it – no need to do all this when you can get it all done in the comfort of your home! 

Our website offers brilliant pre-designed templates for custom invitation cards that you can check and personalize yourself. These cards are available in full color, and you can add metallic imprint colors to make them visually stunning. We also provide envelopes along with the cards.

Decorate your venue in time for the event!

Once you have invited your guests, it is time to move on to decorations! Whether it be a birthday party or a graduation ceremony, balloons are a must! Something about decorating a place with brightly colored balloons gets the party mood going! You could also go the extra mile and build balloon arches if the event asks for it. Usually, at proms, photoshoots are taken under a balloon arch. You could also have balloons all around your wedding aisle. And it is a whole other ball game if you are having a gender reveal party! So come over to our custom balloons section and get your personalized set of inflated fun!

Another addition to your party decor must be a custom banner. We have abundant size options, and you can design in any way you would like in our easy-to-use design studio! A personalized banner is sure to be a hit at your next event. 

Make sure you stock up on drinks!

Snacks and beverages go hand in hand when it comes to parties. You will be a terrible host if you do not have food or drinks at your party. So, start preparing for the big event at least two weeks prior. After you select the menu for the occasion, you need to get some cool drinkware to go along with it. 

If you are hosting a Halloween, NYE, birthday, or bachelor/bachelorette party, you know your guests will be taking shots! So get our custom shot glasses in whichever design or size you want! 

 If you are to serve soft drinks and mocktails for weddings, prom nights, or gender reveal parties, Custom foam cups or custom stadium cups are the way to go. Foam Cups are a great disposable option, while stadium cups are washable and reusable. The frosted stadium cups are very popular with more formal events, while foam or regular stadium cups are more popular for casual parties. 

If you plan on only serving canned beverages, custom can coolies are your drinkware solution. You can opt into a full-color can coolies or go the more economical route with a one-color design. The great thing about custom koozies is that they are reusable and double as a party favor. 

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