Who does not love stocking presents?

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or a combination of the two, one thing is sure; you will decorate your house with your family this winter. Every household celebrating the winter holidays covers their house with lights, wreaths, tinsel, and more. Apart from decoration, the frosty festivities are especially jubilant because it is the season of giving. People go all out to get the perfect gift for all their loved ones. There is one item that combines both decors and presents around this time, which is stockings! Putting up stockings is a tradition many of us still follow. So, we have put together a few items you can get for your family members and close ones’ great stocking presents!

Keep your loved ones’ health in mind!

Winter is fun with all the festivities and snow. However, the latter comes with a great price: cracked lips. Going back and forth between the cold air outside and the heated air inside can result in dry, chapped lips. To prevent your mouth from looking like a zombie’s, you must keep them moisturized. Our custom lip balms will take care of that and be great stocking presents! Anyone who receives these lip balms will appreciate you looking out for them in this harsh weather! You can personalize the containers to personalize them to your family or business. You can personalize the lip balm flavor and whether you want SPF added. 

Help decorate the tree!

A big part of Christmas is to get a Christmas tree, put it up inside, and decorate it with all kinds of things! Christmas does not seem like Christmas unless you have a tree up and deck it out with ornaments. These sparkly spheres come in all colors and textures and make great stocking gifts. Our collection has something more unique: full-color ceramic Christmas ornaments! You can personalize your ornaments with family photos! You could have your newest member’s picture on the tree for your relatives and friends to see! Upload photos of your pets and put them up as decoration if you like!

Keep the custom gift train going with our coasters!

It may be small and weightless, but coasters protect our surfaces from being stained permanently. These drinkware accessories are popular year-round. After helping countless keep their furniture safe from condensation during summer, it is time for coasters to shine again. Plus, they are great stocking stuffers! You can personalize these custom coasters with memorable photos to make them extra special! You can choose from ceramic coasters to a photo coasters made with a glossy finished hardboard with cork. 

Show some love for the chefs and cooks!

Food during winter holidays hit different; good different. The smell of hot turkey calls out to you, and the mashed potatoes warm your heart. After enjoying a nice glass of eggnog, having some pie to finish the meal is heavenly. The chef needs to be appreciated for their effort and hard work as they ensure everyone is well-fed and satisfied. Apart from thanking them, you could get them custom full-color sublimated adult aprons! The perfect gift for the chef in your family. 

Think outside the box!

All of the above are stocking gifts proven to be perfect and ideal for the festivities. How about you get something unique for the little loved ones this winter? It could be something fun, like custom temporary tattoos! You can create your design with your family crest or personalize the custom tattoos to each kid’s interests. They will love taking turns putting them on their body! Custom temporary tattoos could also be a great way to countdown the days till Christmas as a fun advent calendar or count the days of Hanukah.

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