Customized Temporary Tattoos

Custom Temporary Tattoos

Create your own temporary tattoo design online for your next celebratory or promotional event.

Custom tattoos are not new to most people. They are frequently seen at children's events, in goodie bags, or festivals. With the advancement of technology, designing your own tattoo has become as easy as can be. Custom fake tattoos do not cause frustration. Even if you don't like your first design, replacing it is easy and safe. Unlike permanent tattoos, Isopropyl can be used to remove custom temporary tattoos once you are done or it will fade by itself within a day or two. One of the best things about temporary tattoos is that they don't last for a long time and you can continuously view new ideas and choose new designs. Also, according to many reviews, a customized temporary tattoo makes a fantastic gift for many occasions. 

Designing your Custom Temporary Tattoos Online:  To design your own tattoo today, just visit our shop and pick your tattoo size and choose whether you want to upload your own artwork or design from scratch using our easy to use design studio. Additionally, we have a team of skilled graphic designers that are available to assist you with creating/editing your custom tattoo design to fit the product in question. Start your order now. and create your own temporary tattoos with FREE Shipping, FREE Rush, No Hidden Fees. Our custom temporary tattoos are safe and hassle-free. Add one to your cart and all you need to do is wait a couple of days. For more questions, please call our hotlines, at 1-855-711-4467.

Temporary Tattoo benefits: Here is the list of such lists of advantages of creating your own temporary tattoo.

  • You can utilize custom temporary tattoos to test out options for the permanent tattoo you may be considering.
  • Custom Temporary Tattoos are pain-free.
  • Easy to install & remove. No need for laser removal surgery or needles. It can easily be erased in just a few days. Compared to real, permanent tattoos, it might take years and sometimes a lifetime.
  • This is suitable for performers who work in a different event. You can place your themed tattoo at a children’s party and replace it for next week's business.
  • Creating your own tattoo is 100% safe. They are harmless to your body since temporary tattoos do not require ink going under your epidermis or passing through your veins. You also avoid certain deadly diseases such as HIV / AIDS and Hepatitis because there are no needles and blood involved.

Promotes experimental tattoos. You can make your own tattoo and try them out in different places.

Healthy Risks: What about making your own tattoos? From the FDA or Food and Drug Administration, decal-type tattoos must come from pigments with skin safe ingredients as we have seen in cosmetics or makeup. Our Temporary Tattoos are non-toxic and non-allergenic so that people can use them repeatedly. It is harmless and cannot harm our skin.

Popular Uses: Order our high-quality Custom Temporary Tattoos for campaigns, rallies, product launches, store openings, book signing, concerts, parades, and private events, etc.  You can incorporate your iconic design ideas and advertising statements to include these tattoos at giveaways or goodie bags.

For your Business: Our high-quality custom fake tattoos can be an effective method to spread your message(s) directly to the audience. Hand out these cost-effective custom temporary tattoos to larger crowds that contain your brand name, logo, motto, photographs, fun messages, or contact information. Our full color offset digital printing technology creates custom tattoos precisely the way you design your own tattoo. They are ideal promotional items to share your message with the audiences, supporters, festivalgoers, school students, and attendees at varied events. Everyone can wear these vibrant custom temporary tattoos where your intended message will be brightly visible.

For Children’s Events: Create your own temporary tattoo for birthday parties, fundraisers, school events, or any event where kids are a focus. Custom temporary tattoos are and will always be very popular among children. You can create tattoo design(s) based on your event focus. People have also gotten faces of their children printed for birthday parties or graduations to celebrate.

For School/University Events: Custom temporary tattoos are all the rage at school and college sports events. You can create your own tattoo with your school mascot, logo, or your individual group name/logo within your school. These custom fake tattoos would look stellar on your faces, arms, legs, etc. You can pass them out at recruiting events as well. They are great low-cost promo products to get your organization's name and information out there. Your organization members could have them on to further your advertising efforts.

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