Here comes the season to sparkle! 

Christmas parties at the workplace are a great way to offer your employees a well-deserved break. In the upcoming weeks, offices everywhere will be winding down for the celebration that comes just before the new year. Now is the time to encourage your employees to enjoy the holiday season. Forget last-minute event-planning panic and lackluster party games — make this the year your work celebration leaves a lasting impression. When it is time to start planning your corporate holiday get-together, here are some of our Corporate Christmas party ideas with promotional goodies and gifts to help you make it an unforgettable event.

Christmas Magic is in the air!   

Since we are here to help you thrive this year, let us elevate your corporate Christmas with a unique approach. Forgo the typical reds and greens for a brighter, more colorful corporate holiday party this year. Decorate the office in rainbow hues and invite your coworkers to join in the celebration. But first, make sure you give your employees the warmest of welcomes and let them know where the party is getting started as well! What better way to execute than with the help of custom yard letters? Being the ideal product for corporate Christmas parties, these yard letters personalized with sayings as simple as ‘Merry Christmas’ will add an uplifting flair to your party theme.

You can take your now invented party idea up a notch further the rainbow theme and get multi-colored snacks and color-matched cocktails! But hear us out because it does not stop here.

Now that you have all your rainbow-flavored delicious cocktails ready, why not serve it in the perfectly matched custom tumblers? That’s right! Our custom tumblers, imprinted with your logo or sayings like ‘Santa wishes you a Merry Christmas!’ are the ideal goodies to help keep your event boosted. Customizable with a range of vivid hues, these tumblers will work as the perfect Christmas goodie for your employees to enjoy even after the event is over!

In addition to the tumblers, custom mugs can also be the perfect festive item you add to your corporate bash this year! If you are looking for a fun alternative to a standard drinks station, how about a DIY cocktail (or mocktail) station? You can lay out plenty of mixers, juices, and spirits if you want to include alcohol. Every employee can get their custom mugs imprinted with your company logo and their names, thus kick-starting their creative juices to flow! It will work as excellent souvenirs for them to cherish and help spread your brand image every time it’s in use!

Sweater weather is better together!

 Since it is the holiday season, why not get your employees new swag for the following year. Get your employees, including yourself and other business executives, rocking our custom hoodies this holiday season! You can get them imprinted in holiday colors and personalize them with each individual’s name. Custom hoodies will be ideal gifts for your employees and business executives during the chilly Christmas season, and they will also serve as miniature billboards while keeping them warm. 

You can also pair them up with custom patches that we provide. Our custom patches of your logo add to the little goodies that will instantly enhance the holiday spirit. 

Christmas hats and beanies are great valuable gifts that most people use! This year, make your corporate celebration extra exciting with custom hats. Equip yourself and your employees with the perfect holiday custom hats that deliver the real Christmas spirit! Pair them up with your ideal custom beanies and elevate the entire Christmas party to the full extent! All these Christmas goodies will for sure keep your employees feeling extra special as they will realize you thought way more than just throwing a casual corporate holiday event this year.

Keep calm and have a Merry Christmas!

However, not everyone drinks alcohol, so it would be wise to offer some other options. This year, pick up some nonalcoholic mimosas, sodas, and juice but serve them with a perfect twist. We have the ideal budget-friendly goodie for you to hand out to this extravagant amount of people? Yes, you heard us right! Our custom Coolies are outstanding products for you to hand out as perfect keepsakes and serve chilled beverages to your employees. You can buy in bulk and elevate your corporate holiday party all without breaking your pockets!

Candles add to the Christmas ambiance by adding that holiday scent. Let us help you make everything shine a little bit more elegantly with the help of our custom matchboxes. Candles lit with custom matchboxes are an excellent addition. You could customizematchboxes, personalized with holiday hues, that will add to the theme and serve their initial purpose. When paired up with aromatic candles, custom matchboxes are the ideal keepsake that your employees will appreciate.

You should prepare everything ahead of time to avoid any last-minute hiccups. To ensure that your corporate holiday party goes off without a hitch, order your custom goodies from our website!

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