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Custom Matchboxes & Toothpick Boxes

Customize your own matchboxes to light candles, cigarettes, or stoves. Custom matchboxes have become quite popular as people like to personalize for different occasions. For Easter Sunday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah – you could get custom made match boxes that will add to the theme and serve their initial purpose. You could also bring personalized matchboxes for other celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, gender reveals, and birthdays. Restaurants and bars could also use personalized matchboxes to go with their décor. Sponsors of music festivals can get some marketing done by investing in custom matchboxes and handing them out to the audience. Feel free to browse through our collection of matchboxes and pre-designed templates.

Popular Uses: Each holiday holds at least one unique activity and decor varies as well. Making brunch together with the kids to make hot cross buns and Easter nests could be a fun Easter activity. You could get Easter-themed matchboxes to help with your cooking and to add to the decorations. You can choose from our many Halloween personalized matchboxes to light your spooky candles for the Jack O'Lanterns. Everyone looks forward to the grand feast on Thanksgiving. Some elegant décor surrounds the dinnerware and drinkware. To add to that elegance, you could order Thanksgiving-themed custom matchboxes and place them on the dining table. By the time Christmas and Hanukkah come around, the weather starts to get chilly. You can light up your fireplace or light up your dreidels by using our personalized matchboxes for Christmas and Hanukkah.

Weddings are always joyous occasions but planning them can be quite a hassle. You are designing the bride's dress and the groom's suit, fixing the venue, decorating everything, and let us not forget, inviting the guests. Preparing the invitation packages can be quite challenging, but it can be done in a pinch if you have the right elements. Our custom matchboxes can make for great additions to your wedding invitation packages. You could also have a custom lip stick book as matchboxes for your bridal shower. As for anniversaries, you could arrange for a nice, romantic candle-light dinner for your partner. To light those candles, you can make anniversary matchboxes to make the day extra special. Gender reveals are typically held among family and close friends. The decorations and cake are made in both pink and blue to keep the suspense until the grand reveal. You could get personalized match boxes to match the colors. Birthdays require confetti, balloons, and most importantly, a delicious and festive cake that everyone will enjoy. No matter how old a person gets, their birthday cakes need to have candles. So, instead of getting store-bought matches, bring some personalized match boxes for the birthday person.

Bars and restaurants invest more in proper décor and custom dinnerware and drinkware to up their stakes in promoting their brand. These enterprises' owners are always looking for innovative tools to advertise their business towards large scale targets. One cool idea could be to invest in custom matchboxes and provide them to customers when they need a smoke. People love to attend music festivals, and they often like to keep the tickets as souvenirs. If your company is sponsoring the festival, you could invest in making personalized match boxes and give them out to the attendees to keep as souvenirs.

Design Suggestions: We have many pre-designed templates for all kinds of holidays and occasions. But if you would instead send in original artwork, you have the option to do that too. For suggestions, Easter Sunday matchboxes should have pastel colors. Orange, yellow, gold, white colors for Thanksgiving custom matchboxes would be ideal. For Halloween, use spooky colors such as black, green, purple, orange, and red for the background and add some creepy texts at the center. Red and green are classic Christmas colors that you can incorporate in your custom matchbox printing. For Hanukkah matchboxes, be sure to include beautiful shades of blue along with white.

For wedding and anniversary matchboxes, you could include your partner and your initials in the design. Our custom lipstick book could make for an exquisite design for bridal showers. You could write short, cute birthday wishes in your personalized matchboxes.

Print your restaurant or bar's name in bold and center in the custom matchbox printing. You could also add the date of when you had first established your enterprise. As for custom-made matchboxes for music festivals, be sure to make them quite colorful and eye-catching while including your company's name and logo for marketing purposes.

Product Materials: There are approximately nine sticks per box, and the matchsticks are made of natural wood with whiteheads.