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Custom Hand Fans

When it is summertime, the sweat is at an all-time high, and the appreciation for cool breezes is even higher. That is why the demand for hand fans goes quite up. Whether you are at a sports event rooting for your favorite team in April or at your best friend's summer wedding cheering them up, custom hand fans will keep them nice and cool during the entire time. If you are arranging for a charity campaign or a corporate event, you could design hand fans online or choose from the pre-designed templates. We have many designs and styles in stock to order hand fans bulk from our collection.

Popular Uses: The summer leagues are coming up, which means packing some snacks, going to the field with your fellow sports-lovers, and cheering on your favorite team. You will need a lot of water, as hydration is essential, and all the shouting and cheering will do a number on your vocal cords. Additionally, it is going to be hot under the hot sun in an open field. One thing that can help you cool yourself down and cheer on your team without having to strain your voice are personalized hand fans. Our fans will represent your words of acclamation towards the unit while you cool some sweat off.

Your time to tie the knot has come, and you want your friends and family to all be a part of it. Summer weddings have been trendy for quite some time because the weather is consistent, more people are free to attend, flower options are vast, and it is easier to color coordinate everything. With summer weddings, you will want the event to be outdoors for everything to be airy and breezy. We have plenty of wedding fans for guests to customize with your partner and your names and event themes.

If you need to organize an awareness campaign or corporate event during summertime, you must plan everything appropriately. It would help if you spread the word around for these kinds of affairs to be engaging enough. You and your team will need to develop ideas on utilizing marketing devices in your event's favor properly. Flags and banners are great for large-scale advertising; however, if you need to get the word going individually, you can use our custom hand fans. You could hand these out to contributors or use these for promotional giveaways.

Design Suggestions: Our collection of custom hand fans has a myriad of shapes for any occasion. Now, if you are out on the bleachers or stadium, all the shouting and cheering will wear you out eventually. We carry custom shapes like the Number 1 and Helmet hand fans for sports-related events that will help you cheer and give you some relief from the heat. You could upload a photo of your favorite player or the team's name along with some cheering messages. Texts like "Go Team!", "Get Those Goals!", "Nothing But Sixes!" along with the team's flag in the background would make for good hand fan designs.

Let's talk weddings; more specifically, wedding fans. In the list of essential summer wedding accessories, wedding hand fans is pretty up there. You have to keep your guests' well-being in mind as they will be outside for an extended time. So, when you are sending out wedding invitation packages, include some personalized wedding hand fans. They can use these during the wedding to get some cool breeze. If you are one of the bridesmaids, you can also get some custom ones for the bridal shower. As for designs, we have classic wedding fans and heart shape fans. For bridal shower fan designs, we have leaf shape fans. The initials of you and your spouse, "Tying The Knot!" and other cute texts, along with the wedding theme colors, make for excellent fan design ideas.

It is a lot of work to arrange awareness campaigns and corporate events. Apart from setting the entire occasion, which is a whole situation, it would help if you got some proper marketing done to attract people, media, potential sponsors and business ventures. This will require a lot of planning, going on errands to pick up stuff and much more. Our hand fans are ready and stocked – all you have to do is create your own hand fans, place an order and wait for delivery. Based on your event's cause, you can choose among elect hand fans, bread hand fans, rounded hand fans and square hand fans. You could also make a custom shape if you would like.

Product Material: We manufacture all of our custom hand fans from 16 PT coated board stock. We print the custom hand fans with a digital offset printer allowing both sides of the fan to be available for printing.