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Create the perfect atmosphere for that upcoming birthday or wedding with personalized products like napkins, balloons, coasters, cups, and many more to match the theme. We offer a vast variety of colors, sizes, and pre-designed templates curated for any theme or occasion.

Wedding and Party Favors can be the perfect final touch to your next party or upcoming wedding. You can customize products to add to your decorations or table settings. Or go the extra step and customize items for take-home gifts that will remind your guests of the unforgettable experience that was your wedding or party. There are countless customization options available for you to choose from. You can include your own design on your wedding items/favors or choose from one of the pre-designed templates that match your wedding or party theme.

Our Collection: We offer many products that you can include to your wedding day or party. You can personalize napkins, shot glasses, invitation cards and much more. We offer a variety of colors, sizes, and style to choose from as well. We guarantee high quality products and many printing option to make your day perfect.

Here are our top 12 wedding and party favors:

Custom Napkins: Imprint has the best-personalized napkins for all kinds of wedding and party favors. The best fit to customize on every occasion. Browse our collection of materials and designs that can be found for all themes. We can customize each piece with dates, guest names and other ideas to include an extra detail that completes your wedding dreams. We offer one color to full color options and a variety of sizes as well. Perfect to table settings at a wedding or finger foods at your next party.

Custom Stadium Cups: Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event so customize the finest cups for your guests. We have the complete set of stadium cups that can be personalized to include a short message of meaningful text. You can send in your own design or choose from a set of predesigned templates made for many party/wedding themes. We offer a variety of colors and styles to choose from as well.

Custom Shot Glasses: Personalize your own shot glasses to pair with your cups and decorations such as napkins with dinner. Above all, your guest will be captivated by the high-quality print of your design on the glasses. You can add names, dates, titles with quality colors that pop out and can last longer. We offer many customization options to ensure you are able to get the perfect final product you need.

Custom Matchboxes: Candles cannot be lit without a match. Our matchboxes are another great option to personalize according to your party theme. We offer three different sizes to choose from and full color printing. There are many options to choose for your colors without dropping the print quality.

Custom Coaster: Coasters are great to customize with your names, wedding date and appealing words for your guest. With a mixture of choices, we feature the elegance of personalized/custom coasters that can be used at parties, weddings, bars, or restaurants. They are perfect for keeping your tables or counters from getting drinks stains during a party.

Custom Balloons: Personalized balloons can elevate the atmosphere of any party. We offer a variety of predesigned templates to choose from, You can add memorable texts or fun words that add laughs or simple notes for your guests. In wedding scenarios, this event is more formal and delicate, with guests wearing a well-groomed appearance. You can opt for sleek, elegant or request for simple colors to administer and tones on any of your celebrations.

Custom Lip Balms: Make a statement by choosing the perfect lip balms for your beautiful guests. These personalized items for your wedding will be a perfect fit a grand party or a dinner reception. Made with high-quality ingredients and safe chemical additives, our high-quality lip balms will establish your event more stylish while providing fashionable accessories for your visitors. They can likewise apply it while they retouch their makeup, dine or waltz with the party. They are also easy to bring as their take-home souvenirs for use in their daily lives after the party.

Custom Sunglasses: Customized sunglasses are the perfect accessory to offer at outdoor weddings or parties for that sunny day. Personalize them with your logo, name, family seal or what ever you please. You guests will wear your personalized sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun allowing them to focus on the wedding or party.

Custom Pin Buttons: Personalized buttons can serve as an identification or color mark for your guests. Pin buttons are also a wonderful way to enhance your wedding themes and keep a steady look. Great combination with wedding napkins, table decorations, shot glasses and more. Browse full line of pin button designs and shapes on the website.

Custom Invitation Cards: The first step of planning any party or wedding is getting out save the dates and invitation cards. Our wedding invitations cards are elegant and digitally printed with high-quality inks. Made by professionals, we have everything you require to decorate, style and package your wedding cards. It’s a one-stop party print for your demands.

Custom Wristbands: Wristbands never lose their popularity. You can customize bands to serve as tickets for your upcoming parties or events. We offer a variety of style and color options to choose from. You can also convey your appreciation to your guests for attending your event by including a touching message on the bands. It’s a lightweight and excellent guest present to ensure everyone remembers your important times and how beautiful it was.

Custom Lapel Pins: Lapel pins can also be perfect pieces to give out at your wedding or party. Our professionals have predesigned many lapel pins, but you can also customize your very own pin. We provide detailed patterns that will spark elegance for your wedding ceremonies.

Custom Face Masks: Personalize face masks to give out to both the bride’s side and groom’s side. Browse our collection of face masks featuring various types of fabric, colors and styles. You can also have two separately customized face masks for you and your partner using the salutations “Mr.” and “Mrs.”.

Custom Bridal Robes: Customize your bridal robes to the theme of your bridal shower. Pick your desired style and design available in all sizes. We also offer a huge selection of fabrics to choose from that feature luxurious and high-quality materials. Wear these beautiful custom bridal robes with your bridesmaids on the day of your wedding.

Custom Wedding Hand Fans: If you are having a summer wedding outside, custom hand fans are ideal party favors to fight the heat. You can design them from scratch to match your wedding theme or browse our predesigned templates. Print “Bride’s” and “Groom’s” texts on these fans and give them out to the respective sides.