Custom Big Checks & Giant Checks

Generate brand exposure and create a positive impression in public ceremonies giving the large presentation checks to deserving candidates. Having giant fake award presentation checks presentation in front of a large audience will highlight your brand.

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Custom Economy Big Checks 18 X 36 Inch
Custom Economy Giant Checks 30 X 60 Inch
Custom Economy Large Checks 22 X 48 Inch
Custom Premium Big Checks 18 X 36 Inch
Custom Premium Giant Check 30 X 60 Inch
Custom Premium Large Check 22 X 48 Inch
Custom Balloon Big Checks
Custom Baseball Big Checks
Custom Baseball Glove Big Checks
Custom Birthday Big Checks
Custom Cancer Awareness Big Checks
Custom Christmas Big Checks
Custom Football Big Checks
Custom Football Helmet Big Checks
Custom Graduation Big Checks
Custom Lunar New Year Big Checks
Custom Red Lantern Big Checks
Custom Wedding Hand Big Checks
Custom Wedding Ring Big Checks

Create an impact for branding and promotion giving our custom giant checks, oversized presentation checks, and large novelty checks to employees and event winners. Leaving a positive impression, they will show the target audience that your organization appreciates someone’s hard work and contribution. Giving them as awards and rewards will motivate others to improve their performance. In personal celebrations like graduation ceremonies, weddings, birthdays, and Christmas, you can give large novelty checks to loved ones and employees to commemorate the occasions. Sponsors or donors can publicly display their monetary contributions by presenting them through oversized presentation checks which will reveal their donation amounts publicly. Award presentations, contests, charity walks, grand openings, contests, sweepstakes giveaways, election campaigns, and ribbon cutting ceremonies can be promoted with large novelty checks. Sponsor and donor organizations will have their name highlighted in the spotlight with our giant fake award presentation checks. Choose from our assortment of large presentation checks which include Custom Economy Big Checks, Custom Economy Giant Checks, Custom Economy Large Checks, Custom Premium Big Checks, Custom Premium Giant Checks, Custom Premium Large Checks, Custom Balloon, Custom Baseball, Custom Baseball Glove, Custom Birthday, Custom Cancer Awareness, Custom Football Helmet, Custom Graduation, Custom Lunar New Year, Custom Christmas, Custom Football, Custom Red Lantern, Custom Wedding, and Custom Wedding Ring Big Checks. The presenter and recipient will both have their photos taken when the custom giant checks are awarded that will build strong connection.