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Custom Square Buttons

As advertising badges, custom buttons have been great promotional items from the beginning of election campaigns and marketing events. Recipients wearing custom name buttons do the indirect publicity on behalf of the brand, organization, and candidate.
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Convert your team of staff, students, representatives, and patrons into brand ambassadors by giving away Custom Square Buttons for them to wear at events. Recipients having the custom button badges on their chest, jackets, clothing, and backpacks will be promoting your brand indirectly. At election campaigns, educational fairs, conferences, exhibitions, and corporate marketing events, custom name buttons will act as the miniature billboards when worn by the visitors. Resell custom buttons to raise money for children’s hospitals, fundraisers, and other charitable causes. Generating interest among sponsors and donors, they will be sold immediately as everyone would be eager to contribute for the cause and keep these buttons as memorabilia. For personal occasions like family reunions, birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, and graduation celebrations, these badges will be a big hit. Choose from backings of pin button, magnet, Keychain, and bottle opener which best suit your needs. Besides, they will make lasting impact on recipients every time they are used. Best known as collectibles, the buttons will make differences at fundraisers and charities.