Styrofoam Cups

Be it business tradeshows or entertainment conventions, any big event needs refreshments for their attendees and guests. If you’re organizing anything huge scale any time soon, you’re going to need our Styrofoam cups. Our custom styrofoam cups are one of our best-selling drinkware items because of their quality and affordability. These cups are also perfect for restaurants, cafés, hotels, and sports clubs.

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As they are customizable, you can print any message or design on these Styrofoam cups. We have sizes from 6oz to 32 Oz available for our cups. Not only are they more sturdy than plastic cups, but Styrofoam cups are also known to be quite ideal to use on the go. Their lightweight nature allows the drinker to take them anywhere and not be strained. Our Styrofoam cups are the most affordable ones in the marketplace, so you should place your orders before they stock out!