Full Color Stadium Cups

In warm outdoor weather, people will appreciate receiving chilled drinks in promotional full color stadium cups! At beach and pool parties, these lightweight glasses will be great for serving sodas, punches, and juices to your guests as they chill out.

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For advertising campaigns, festivals, tradeshows and county fairs, full color stadium cups will draw people’s attention to your brand. Serve iced teas, punches, and beers in the cups to quench the thirst of your guests at birthdays, anniversaries, graduation ceremonies and tailgating parties. As perfect alternative to glassware, they will prevent breakages or spills to keep your event venue clean. Their durable polypropylene construction allows them to be washed and reused for enjoying drinks at home. Apart from serving beverages, use the cups to serve chocolates and desserts and wrap them up with decorative ribbons. Sell out these cups at fundraisers, charity walks, and benefit runs to raise donations for charitable causes. Turn the full color stadium cups into marketing tools by personalizing them with brand logos, graphics, advertisements, and contact details. When you keep them in stacks at the drink stations, guests will notice the imprinted message when they serve their own beverages from the punch bowls. For sports teams, coaching services, fitness centers, and yoga studios, these promotional cups will help spread the word about your business. Give them to your current and prospective customers as incentive gifts that will reinforce your brand message. They will prove to be walking billboards for your brand and organization.