Customized Flags

Custom Flags

Need to promote your business? Is your agency offering discounts? Have a message to spread for your campaign? Want to support your local, national, or international sports team? Is pride month coming up? All these reasons call for custom flags, and our website happens to offer quite a variety of them in many shapes and sizes. These flags are completely customizable, and their sole purpose is to make promotions easier, raise awareness among people, celebrate certain occasions and display your beliefs for the entire community or public to see. There are pre-designed templates available so that you will have customization options.

Popular Uses:

From the '80s until now, Gay Pride has been celebrated annually and proudly among many cities and communities. People of the LGBTQ community often don pride in fashion attire and are joined by supporters of LGBTQ rights and engage in different activities. They donate to charities that support the less fortunate LGBTQ people, they watch LGBTQ movies or shows, and they march out on the road doing elaborate parades. These parades often require flags to display the colors of the rainbow to commemorate Pride month. We have custom flags that you can customize with rainbow colors and supportive verbiage.

These personalized flags can be used for school, college, and university flags as well. If you support any sports teams, you could have flags printed out for them for when you go to their matches.

You can also customize flags to raise awareness for donation campaigns; the messages need to reach out to the public, urging them to participate and donate. Besides banners, you will need other surfaces to advocate your cause and message; the teardrop flag is perfect for this purpose.

If you work in the brand and marketing team of a hotel, tour agency or airport, you will need subtle yet effective advertising devices. Banners are kind of on the nose to be using as marketing tools for these organizations, so that that feather flags would be ideal. Tradeshows are where the magic of marketing happens for companies, and they get potential clients and prospective business deals. So, advertisement is of vital importance, and we have rectangle flags to serve that purpose. Your team can place the custom flags at designated places where the company's logo and slogan are visible to attract future business clients. Finally, we have custom car flags that you can hoist on your vehicle that can be customized based on any occasion.

Design Suggestions:

For Pride month flags, going for the rainbow's classic colors is the simple way to go. But if you want to be a bit more extra, you could upload artistic LGBTQ images with impactful messages to be printed on your flag. If you have a big group of friends, you should order the flag in a bigger size. In school, college or university flags, pick clear images for optimum custom flag printing and choose the standard size. Sports flags should include the country's colors or the team's logo and colors. They should be as big as the human eye can see from a far distance so that your favorite players can look up to them and feel loved. For your campaigns, we have teardrop flags in three sizes: small, medium and large. If your arrangement is indoors, the small ones can fit inside, the medium ones at the entrance and the large ones outside. The same sizes go for both feather banners and rectangle flags to prop them in the positions above. As for customization, be sure to place the organization and company's name in bold and center for the patrons. Pick the right background color for flag printing purposes, so the text pops out vividly. We also have plenty of pre-designed templates to choose from if you do not have a custom artwork to be uploaded. You can personalize the car flags however you would like; "just married" artwork, groom's side banner, bride's side banner, prom party banner, favorite sports team, and favorable candidate in the election any personal artwork.

Product Materials:

Our flags are made of genuine polyester fabric and imprint method through sublimation dye for intense vivacity. You can choose to print on both sides and the pole. The regular flags have many finishing options: left pole pocket, top pole pocket, metal grommets for 2 and 4 sides. A 17ft height fiberglass pole comes with the feather, teardrop and rectangle flag and a 19.5" heavy-duty plastic pole comes with the car flag with some additional charge. The rectangle, feather and teardrop flags come with different bases and accessories as well.