Customized Name Tags

Custom Name Badges

Whenever you are in your workplace or a large-scale public event, you need custom name tags to make yourself identifiable. You could be an employee at your office, an attendee at a seminar, one of the organizers of a rock concert, or a known content creator on social media. Personalized name tags will have to be made for or provided to you for identification purposes. Custom name badges can also help your employees get potential clients in tradeshows to speak with them, and they can catch a meeting with them next week. Our collection of engraved name tags has some sizes and many pre-designed templates to use.

Popular Uses: In all workplaces if employees do not have to wear assigned uniforms, they still need to maintain the necessary dress codes. Many offices and companies require their employees to wear formal attire. However, there are quite a few workplaces that are more than okay with business casual as office-wear. Even if the dress codes in offices have become liberal, everyone still needs to wear one thing: a personalized name badge. The name badges help recruits feel one with others in the office and overall bring a union feels. Custom name tags worn by employees and brand ambassadors in tradeshow exhibitions help promote the company to potential business partners. Moving on from workplaces to education institutions, schools, colleges, and universities requires teachers, students, and staff to wear engraved name badges to identify everyone quickly.

There are many educational topics, political matters, social issues, national development plans, and international relations discussed in seminars and conferences. To explore possibilities and talk about considerations, renowned people from different countries attend these events. Organizers usually prepare custom name tags and provide them to everyone to be distinguished without difficulty. The organization allows for participants and VIPs to quickly tell one from the other apart.

Enjoying favorite songs alone at home or dancing to them with friends at clubs is excellent. However, nothing beats seeing the artist or band performing them onstage. That is the reason why concert tickets get sold out pretty quickly every year, and people eagerly wait to see their favorite music performers live. Starting from handing out designated custom magnetic name tags to everyone to checking with the security and venue team constantly to seeing if the audio setup is all good, organizers have to rush around everywhere. From attendees to all the groups working on-site, everyone requires custom name tags in concerts and music festivals.

There are TV shows, games, etc., that we still quote to this day. Anime and game lovers are always looking for new stuff to watch or play. All these fanbases get a chance to come together and interact with one another at annual conventions. These large-scale conventions have many independent vendors and original teams selling various merchandise of the shows, movies, anime, and games. The attendees, content creators, security teams – everyone needs to have custom name badges. These badges will allow certain people specific access to particular areas.

Design Suggestions: We have various pre-designed templates for name tag printing. Just add your name, contact info, company name, and logo for name badges for office employees. Name badge printing for seminars and conferences can have the topic of discussion as abstract background. Choosing classic fonts will make it easier for people to read the badges. Name tags for concerts and music festivals should incorporate the genre in them. For rock concerts, the name badges could be in dark colors. Use neon colors for EDM concerts and bright colors for pop genre bands. The fonts could be bold, and be sure to use the logos of the bands and artists. Conventions and exhibitions need many personalized name tags for the massive number of people that gather at them. Our collection has a lot of designs to offer at great prices. Design the name tags according to the content creators’ platforms, merchandise, and such.

Product Materials: Our custom name tags are made of PVC material, and all the customizations are digitally printed. The size range of our name badges are 1”x3”, 1.5”x3”, 2”x3”, and 2.5”x3”. We also offer varieties for attachments. The options are a swivel bulldog clip with adhesive, clear plastic pocket clip, blue triple grip magnetic badge, double post-bar with a clutch premier badge, white plastic pinback with adhesive, and swivel bulldog clip, mylar strap, and a metal snap. Materials used in these attachments are mostly metal alloys, plastic, and magnets. The name badges come in rectangle shapes only.