Customized Table Covers

Customizable Table Covers

Custom table covers are an essential item to bring elegance and sophistication to your dining ware. They also allow your patrons and clients to promote their restaurant, café, or company with their trademark as the tablecloth logo. These custom-made tablecloths help showcase your company with important information printed onto the covers. Custom table covers grasp customers' attention with their vivid display of colors, helping your clients' businesses gain exposure at events. Using our variety of vivid colors and high-quality digital printing, create personalized table cloths that represent your or your patrons' brand brilliantly at various marketing events. Made with polyester poplin fibers, these covers boast wrinkle-free and breathable material that will also withstand numerous cycles of laundry. These high-quality tablecloth logos can catch anyone's eye and act as a form of advertisement. These also cut out the need for promotional banners or posters that are hard to transport and install. Custom printed tablecloths will save you the trouble and space while representing your company altogether.

There are three types of custom table covers you can choose from our collection; 6ft trade show covers, 8ft trade show covers, and recyclable plastic covers.

6ft Trade Show Fitted Table Covers: Perfect for any occasion, these fitted and standard trade show table covers will bring a dash of vivacity with your designs imprinted on them. The table cloths, made from polyester poplin materials, make the fabric breathable and free of wrinkling. The durability of these custom-made tablecloths is 100% guaranteed. Your designs, logos, taglines, and slogans are printed using dye-sublimation, giving the color an exuberant finish. These custom printed tablecloths are cost-effective and are washable and reusable. Your clients and patrons will get all the publicity they could desire by showing off their company in such a simple yet productive way using these table covers. For Example, say your client's company is new and they are participating in their first tradeshow; They will require a budget-friendly, easy to set up tradeshow tablecloths. Our in-stock 6ft custom printed tablecloths are just what you should invest in for your client. It will do your patrons justice as these custom tablecloths with logos are sure to call attention to their new company. Your custom table cover will also last them quite a while as both the fabric and imprinted logo are strong enough to endure several washes. Therefore, print your or your clients' advertisements and company design in these personalized tablecloths to create brand exposure. Aside from advertising purposes, you can buy these covers for yourself and use the custom tablecloth printing to dress up your table for special occasions such as anniversaries. Using your and your significant other's initials to create an aesthetic appeal to your guests, the covers are sure to express elegance.

8ft Trade Show Fitted Table Covers: These tradeshow tablecloths are fit to serve bigger crowds for your company's buffet party or any official meeting with potential clients. These 8ft custom table covers are also just right for any occasion that caters to a big crowd without making any additional marketing devices and waste space. Our custom-made tablecloths are an investment for a lifetime for any start-up company or well-established corporation to represent their brand. The table covers work well for charity events as well. Personalize the message that you want to convey to the public using our custom tablecloths with logos included. You can completely transform the layout of your event's location by decorating tables with your personalized table cloths. It will showcase your case and commence positive encounters between event organizers and donors with personalized messages printed on the table covers. These covers ensure a professional and sleek appearance and are the perfect fit for all kinds of tables and display booths. This fit also prevents anyone from tripping or stumbling while walking beside the table. What else could you want from a trade show table cover that does your marketing for you and also ensures your customer's safety?

Recyclable Plastic Table Cover: If your event is only for a few hours of the day and you would instead recycle all the decorations after it's ended, these custom table covers are for you. The table is also recyclable. However, the texture doesn't hamper the digital printing one bit. Your personalized design will show up on the custom printed tablecloth as strikingly as you expect. Please choose from our selection of sizes and get your money's worth with these recyclable table covers. If you decide to do an event on World Health Day, you can convey your message by imprinting it on these covers. You can also add little statements like "I'm recyclable too!" as a tablecloth logo that will undoubtedly bode well for your humanitarian event